Elastic Shoelaces, it’s About LACEEZ

Elastic Shoelaces are what we’re about, and our mission is not to tie!

Elastic shoelaces that don’t require tying is the solution we found for a very common problem: untied shoelaces! So we started Laceez in 2013 to be a classic, practical, convenient, and stylish solution.

So we set out to make every shoe a slip-on, and look much better on your feet at the same time. We put together some elastic shoelace prototypes, sought out the highest quality (and custom) elastic we could find, and began testing. Once we saw that it really worked, it was all in (for the whole family!).

We want the quick and easy ability to slide-on and off a shoe, but its just not practical to get that in every shoe that you buy, often being limited by styles or functionality. Nor can you get rid of those pesky laces always flapping around over your shoe, getting dirty, and looking quite disorderly.

Conventional shoelaces come untied, Laceez do not. Shoelaces can often be an unsightly nuisance when the laces are dangling around all the time… Laceez no tie elastic shoelaces give the appearance of a sleek, laced shoe.

Elastic Shoelaces by Laceez , ready to ship out, Buy 3 a shipping is Free.
No tie elastic shoelaces in eco-friendly packaging.

Shoelaces can be inconvenient for kids, elderly, those with disabilities, or people who just like slipping on their shoes and going… so really all of us! Laceez no-tie elastic shoelaces provide that slip-on convenience.

We know that no tie shoelaces are fairly new and many people haven’t even heard of them, or haven’t made the choice to try something new. We invite you to try Laceez and believe that you well be very happy you did. We imagine that you’ll still have some pairs of shoes that use conventional shoelaces as well, they sometimes have their place; and Laceez have their place as well, they’ll stand out in your wardrobe: those tidy and convenient pair of shoes!

We hope you love our product and buy them with every new pair of shoes you buy. Our goal is to keep you and your kids happy and comfortable. All Laceez come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That means that if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, return them within 30 days, no questions asked. Well, we would like to know why you weren’t satisfied so that we can work on improving our product for you.

Thank you!

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