5 Awesome Travel Products for the Whole Family

laceez are an awesome family travel product

Getting ready to travel? Check out some of these ridiculously useful products that you and your kids will love the next time you pack up the fam for the next adventure.

 benbat_pillows travel
1. BenBat Travel Friends. Everyone needs a good friend that’s a pillow. We all hate seeing our kids with their necks bending to degrees that just can’t be good for them. BenBat pillows for head and neck support come in so handy and kids get to pick out their own. We bought 3 of them! www.store.ben-bat.com


Ampl-Smart-Backpack-2 travel

2. AMPL Smart Bag – Its good to be smart. The Smart Bag charges up to 7 devices at once and is powered by a pretty slick AMPL app. The bag’s battery can even be used when there’s no outlet available by using the bags’ modular battery. www.ampl-labs.com



3. Laceez – The shoelace that turns sneakers into slip-ons. Yes, they actually do that. So aside from making daily life a bit simpler, this is also quite a convenient product for travelers because they make the shoes more comfortable, not to mention allowing kids and adults to put their sneakers on and off with ease. No more tying!  laceez.com


gotenna travel4. goTenna Cell Antenna – Losing a signal when you need it most can be one of the most frustrating experiences, especially if your kids need to reach you, or you need to reach them. The slim, 2 oz Cell Antenna device allows you to text others who also have the device and are within several miles. www.gotenna.com



trackr travel

5. Wallet TrackR wants to help you not lose anything. Attach it to yours or your child’s toy, bag or anything really and rest easy. It even has ‘separation alerts’ to prevent things from getting left behind. go to www.thetrackr.co


For more great tips and products go to laceez.com