7 Reasons Why Regular Shoelaces are Dying

shoelaces join vhs floppy disks cassette tapes

Ah shoelaces! A product that was once interesting and necessary is now slowly becoming a novelty. Sad? no way! The future is bright. These are 7 simple reasons to know why this is the end of the shoelace and why you should start looking into those new options out there.

  1. There are so many slip-on shoes being made now it’s crazy. Not sure why, but there are a lot of new shoes that have flooded the market in the last 10 years. No a bad thing, but it’s definitely changing the footwear landscape a bit.
  2. Lots of shoe manufacturers are embedding laces (usually stretchy) into the shoes before they ship. You couldn’t buy new laces for them if you wanted to. This I personally don’t like but it has it’s niche, I’m sure.
  3. Velcro – No one really likes Velcro, but it’s there, and its getting more popular believe it or not, because people just don’t like laces. However, people don’t really like Velcro either. They likely but it because it’s just easier and saves time.
  4. No-tie shoelaces are simply the future of laces. There are a couple pretty good brands out there that just make shoes work better, feel better and look better. That’s something that will become harder for consumers to ignore as time goes by.
  5. There’s so many more shoe brands out there now to choose from online. Years ago, you had to go in a store to buy your kicks. But now in the digital age, you can buy whatever kind of shoe you want from your phone in 1 minutes.
  6. Regular shoelaces are boring and they’re kinda ugly. They come untied and can get shredded up. They knot up easily and we’re always trying to hide them and tuck them under our pants. Why not just go with a slip-on or a no-tie lace then?
  7. There’s always a better way. See Reason number 4.