Amp Up Uniform Style With Laceez

Amp up uniform style with Laceez shoelaces

So the kids are in school and you have your time back to ourself, right? But you’re still probably taking the time to tie shoes. And if you’re not, the teacher definitely are. Take your traditional school uniform and add a bit of your own flair and personality with Laceez.

You can choose to support your school by rocking your school colors or simply your favorite colors. Everyday uniforms can become routine and seem hard to personalize; adding Laceez to your wardrobe makes it all the more fun, all while saving time and stress on kids, parents and teachers.

Change up your style and mood by switching up your shades of Laceez…

Children’s sizes are available in 8 different colors (green, purple, pink, yellow, red, blue, black, and white) and are also available in sets of 3. Adult sizes are available in both black and white.

Gone will be the days that you had to worry about tripping in the hallways over shoe laces or having to tie your shoe laces by hand. Now, you’ll get to focus on schoolwork and all the fun in between!

We have a feeling that you’ll be setting trends and the rest of your class will be likely to join in on the Laceez fun. Be sure to check out our full line at