Video: NBC News’ TODAY with Laceez™ No-tie Shoelaces

Laceez No Tie Shoelaces Nbc Today Show Back To School Gadgets

Laceez™ No-tie shoelaces and other great gadgets for back to school Gadget guy Steve Greenberg on the TODAY show with awesome gadgets for back to school, including Laceez™ no-tie shoelaces! Not to mention other cool gadgets like a combination lock that uses pictures, a tracing projector to… more »

Kids Uniforms Get Upgraded, Back to School Shoes

Dennis Uniform Checkout Kids Uniforms School Shoes

Just in time for Kids Uniforms and Back to School Shoes! The Laceez no tie shoelace design company has exciting news! Now our signature no tie elastic laces are selling at all Dennis Uniform locations across America! Dennis is the leader in Kids Uniforms and now sells Laceez for your kids school… more »

Regular Shoelaces VS. No-tie shoelaces

laceez elastic no tie shoelaces vs untied regular laces

There was “No Tie” in this Comparison of shoelaces. There’s not much of a comparison since no-tie shoelaces are so much better than regular ones, but let’s compare them and crown one over the other, shall we? Then let’s compare the crowned king with its contemporaries. The… more »

Kingdoms of No Tie Shoelaces | Compare Popular Styles

From bungee to curly, round laces to flat laces, colorful laces and plain black or white laces, shoelaces keep our shoes on our feet and all of them have no-tie counterparts, which each have unique mechanisms and unique styles of their own. No-tie shoelaces are becoming more popular than ever as… more »

Why Everyone Loves Laceez No-tie shoelaces

It’s no surprise that our simple and fashionable no-tie shoelaces are awesome, but one reason we think the parents love them so much is because they’re actually waiting for Laceez for themselves. The ease of use and better look is just something everyone would love to have. We have already… more »