Video: NBC News’ TODAY with Laceez™ No-tie Shoelaces

Laceez No Tie Shoelaces Nbc Today Show Back To School Gadgets

Laceez™ No-tie shoelaces and other great gadgets for back to school Gadget guy Steve Greenberg on the TODAY show with awesome gadgets for back to school, including Laceez™ no-tie shoelaces! Not to mention other cool gadgets like a combination lock that uses pictures, a tracing projector to… more »

Kids Uniforms Get Upgraded, Back to School Shoes

Dennis Uniform Checkout Kids Uniforms School Shoes

Just in time for Kids Uniforms and Back to School Shoes! The Laceez no tie shoelace design company has exciting news! Now our signature no tie elastic laces are selling at all Dennis Uniform locations across America! Dennis is the leader in Kids Uniforms and now sells Laceez for your kids school… more »

Coupon Deals

We wanted to give you the inside scoop on Laceez Coupon Deals. Here are all the ways that you can get a coupon for our no-tie shoelaces for kids: 1) During Checkout – 20% Off Just shop the Laceez Store and during checkout, click on the Apply Coupon link. You will be asked to share Laceez on… more »

Laceez Coupon Code for Facebook Friends: 104FRNDZ

Hi, welcome to this Laceez Coupon page! You’re probably arriving here from a Facebook promotion. At checkout, you can code 104FRNDZ and get 10% off your purchase. You will also have an opportunity at checkout to share with your friends. Thanks for helping us to get the word out! Please… more »

Laceez Review: Shoe Laces Like Never Before

“… I was so impressed with how easy and genius this product is and how their sneakers stay on without being “tied!” …” Here’s another great review we received recently by the blog We sent some samples out to Eileen and she loved them enough to… more »