7 Reasons Why Regular Shoelaces are Dying

Ah shoelaces! A product that was once interesting and necessary is now slowly becoming a novelty. Sad? no way! The future is bright. These are 7 simple reasons to know why this is the end of the shoelace and why you should start looking into those new options out there. There are so many slip-on… more »

Why Everyone Loves Laceez No-tie shoelaces

It’s no surprise that our simple and fashionable no-tie shoelaces are awesome, but one reason we think the parents love them so much is because they’re actually waiting for Laceez for themselves. The ease of use and better look is just something everyone would love to have. We have already… more »

Sharing Your Photos with Laceez

We are looking Laceez “photo-friends”. Send us your pics with Laceez on your kids’ shoes or post to our Instagram account (@mylaceez) with the hashtag #mylaceez and we’ll post your pics and your tag on our site. We’re shipping Laceez all over the world and would love… more »