Laceez On The Court

shoes with laceez on the court boost your game

Are you tired of having your basketball game interrupted by old-school untied shoe laces? Eliminate the hassle of having to take a time out to take a knee and fix your laces by trading out your traditional laces for Laceez. more »

No Tie Shoelaces | Boost Your Workout Style with LACEEZ™

puma shoes iphone with laceez workout style

How is your workout style? Because of no tie shoelaces, workouts are a bit more exciting and add a little style into the mix! Everything from hair accessories, dry fit pants, to our gym bag all have room to include your own personal style. Most of all, shoe style seems to be on top trend these days. more »

Amp Up Uniform Style With Laceez

Amp up uniform style with Laceez shoelaces

So the kids are in school and you have your time back to ourself, right? But you’re still probably taking the time to tie shoes. And if you’re not, the teacher definitely are. Take your traditional school uniform and add a bit of your own flair and personality with Laceez. more »

Simplify Mommy Life with Laceez No-Tie Laces

baby mommy life simplify with laceez shoelaces

Whether you’re a Mommy to be or already have kids running around, daily schedules can get a bit hectic at times… Allow Laceez to help you simplify. Some of you may be getting used to a growing baby bump. Lets be real, there comes a time when reaching down to tie your shoes gets to be a… more »

All About Stickers

pipsticks stickers about blog laceez

Have you every just wanted to get a giant pack of crazy, cool stickers in the mail? So we just came across a really fun company called Pipsticks. They’re all about stickers! Subscribe to Pipsticks and you’ll get a different pack of crazy cool stickers every month. They make them for… more »

7 Reasons Why Regular Shoelaces are Dying

shoelaces join vhs floppy disks cassette tapes

Ah shoelaces! A product that was once interesting and necessary is now slowly becoming a novelty. Sad? no way! The future is bright. These are 7 simple reasons to know why this is the end of the shoelace and why you should start looking into those new options out there. There are so many slip-on… more »

5 Reasons To Start Saving for College Now

Kids are expensive. That’s pretty much a given. So expensive, in fact, that some studies put the average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 at close to a quarter of a million dollars. And that’s before you throw the cost of college into the mix. Picked yourself up off the floor yet? Here… more »

4 Tips to Help Your Child and a New Dog Get Along

There’s something wonderful about allowing your child to get a new puppy, but there’s more to inviting a dog into your life than acquiring the title of cool mom or dad. Puppies, like kids, are inquisitive, easily excited, and prone to unexpected behavior. That’s why it’s important to… more »