CHEER them on with Laceez

laceez cheer turn sneakers into slip-ons

Get your SQUAD Style on and show off your Team Spirit with Laceez no-tie slip-on shoe laces! Children’s sizes can sport one of eight colors (some enjoy matching to their mascot/uniform colors or stick with classic white for a clean look) and Adult sizes available in black or white.

Enjoy the convenience of transforming traditional sneakers into slip-on’s… Simply replace the original shoe laces with a pair of Laceez and you’re good to go! You’ll then have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pause mid routine for a shoe tie.

Focus on your winning cheer routine rather than adjusting old-school shoe laces and you’ll be more likely to BRING IT!

Once you start rockin’ your Laceez during practice, your teammates will be sure to take notice. Get your entire squad on board so that you can all focus on bringing your “A Game” without distractions.

Enhance your spirit gear by ordering your very own pair of Laceez today. “Go, Fight, Win”!!!

Kids Laceez

Women’s Laceez

Men’s Laceez