Shoelace Video: Kids Try Colorful Elastic No-tie Shoelaces

Laceez Video Kids Talk Colorful-Elastic No Tie Laces

Catherine and Catarina try their first pair of LACEEZ

This shoelace video is too cute! Best friends were given their first pair of Laceez No Tie laces and they were thrilled right away. They immediately knew what to do with their new Laceez: Mix and match the colors! Their shoes have new life with the vibrant colors and are a joy to slip on-and-off.

They had so much fun running around in their stylish shoes and had a lot to say. They agreed that regular shoelaces just go “blah, blah,” but Laceez shoelaces are elastic! and slip on-and-off “sooooo easy!” Their final word is that Laceez laces are “goood!” Their smiling faces say it all.

Stay tuned for more movies where kids will give their first-hand impression of Laceez. More videos will be released in the following weeks. We look forward to what they have to say, and what your kids have to say too!

Video produced by Laceez advocate Joe Golling, who’s kids—and kid’s friends—wear Laceez!
Music by Chris Zabriskie

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