Shoelace that Intrigues with New Possibilities

laceez crew packing no tie shoelaces

How the no-tie shoelace began

Back in 2014, my wife had an idea. Having 3 kids, we would often chat about different things we can do to make some extra money on the side. She mentioned a no-tie shoelace that would turn a kid’s shoe into a slip-on. Cool idea, but I had other cool ideas too and wasn’t really interested in the shoelace business.

Experimental Laces

made by moms shoelace invention on steve harvey show
Wife Sarah Flores with Laceez on Steve Harvey Show

Time went by and she continued tinkering with laces. One day, my wife with the great ideas, made some no-tie laces sized for the Nike’s I had been wearing every day for the last few months. When she put them on my shoe, I noticed they immediately looked better. But it was the fit and the gliding of my foot into my shoe that was so impacting. As soon as I put them on it was an instant realization that this is a good product. It solved a problem (and not a huge problem, I realize we’re not changing the world with shoelaces here, but a great product is a great product), and we needed to get this product out there.

Moving Forward

laceez shoelace in parents magazine april 2015So I said okay, I believe and we moved forward. We had $14,000 in our saving we were planning on using for a kitchen upgrade, but who needs a new kitchen? We spent it on more prototypes and our first round of inventory. We launched at the Magic trade show in Las Vegas in February of 2015. In April we got featured in Parents magazine. In May we got a segment on The Steve Harvey show and this month we launch Laceez for Men and Women! We think there’s a reason for this nice incline of success and feedback. People love the product because it just makes so much sense.