Shoes get Accessory that Adds Form and Function

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Shoes are Big Business

We know shoes are big business, there’s even a term coined, Sneakernomics. But lately I’ve been wondering, how many people are really going to purchase another pair of regular shoelaces either before or after they buy some brand new kicks? People usually don’t buy shoelaces as accessories for shoes. My conclusion is based on the following analogy comparing buttons and shirts to shoelaces and shoes.

Who Buys Better Buttons?

shoelaces are like buttons for your shoes
How are buttons like shoelaces?

Regular shoelaces are like buttons on a shirt; you need them for most shirts; they keep the shirt on. Buttons, like shoelaces, come with the product as a default accessory. So, who here runs out to buy cooler, more useful, more stylish buttons and sews them into all your new shirts? Ok, maybe a few of you, but I’m not imagining many hands going up—for obvious reasons.

Who would Benefit from Better Shoelaces?

Now, bring a no-tie shoelace product like Laceez into the conversation, and suddenly you ask these questions: How many people out there could do without constantly having to tie and untie their shoes? Who would be happier not forcing their foot into their shoe every day? Who could do without the hassle of knots and double knots? And who would like to do away with those big bows flopping around and getting stepped upon? Unlike buttons for shirts, no-tie elastic shoelaces are easily replace old laces and provide many practical improvements to the shoe. So I can imagine a lot of people raising their hand to these questions.

Is Color Alone Enough?

Laceez laces kids pink box. An accessory for your shoes that ads form and function.
Stylized Utility. Comfortable Practicality.

Shoelaces in your favorite color can add a splash of style that accents who you are and what you wear. But I don’t think that many of us would go out of our way just to change the color of our shoelaces, usually the one’s that come with the shoes look good enough. In other words, no one is reaching in their pocket to buy regular shoelaces at any store unless the old ones have worn out, or the color that came with the shoes is unbearable.

Form and Function for your Shoes

What if you could get a shoelace that would simplify your life, eliminate knots and turn their favorite sneakers into slip-ons, etc., etc—all the benefits that Laceez offer—plus you could to choose a color that accents your style just the way you like? I’m visualizing everyone’s hands raised eagerly because it just makes sense. This is the winning combination that provides both form (style) and function (new features). Why in the world would retail stores waste their floor space or shelf space on a regular shoelace, and not replace all that inventory with a simple no-tie shoelace line such as Laceez? The answer to that question is simple: They just haven’t found us yet.