Regular Shoelaces VS. No-tie shoelaces

laceez elastic no tie shoelaces vs untied regular laces

There was “No Tie” in this Comparison of shoelaces.

There’s not much of a comparison since no-tie shoelaces are so much better than regular ones, but let’s compare them and crown one over the other, shall we? Then let’s compare the crowned king with its contemporaries.
The Great Misconception

At first glance, no-tie shoelaces may appear unnecessary, or maybe they’re just not fully understood. One thinks, what’s wrong with the laces I have on my shoes right now? We do not see anything wrong because we have already accepted the belief that constantly tying and untying shoes is normal. This is the great misconception that we have conformed to through many years of watching others endlessly repeat this mundane task. And it’s perfectly respectable if someone’s shoes are untied; you kindly warn them so that they do not trip, you give them space and walk around them as they are hunched over, hustling to relieve their bent-over-back.
In a Jam?

If you have regular shoelaces and you’re not tying them, that means every day you’re jamming your poor foot into a shoe that could be so much more comfortable (you have no idea!). It’s time to let the world know that no-tie shoelaces are the future of wearing shoes: The better way to wear shoes.
So What does the Future Hold Laceez_Kids_SeaFoam_July

In the near future, no-tie laces will just be called shoelaces or laces (or Laceez), and regular laces will be called “old laces” or “traditional laces” because the old method of tying will become obsolete. Where we are now with the no-tie shoelace industry is similar to when people started to ask themselves, “why do I have a flip phone?” Once people understood that there was something not only new and different out there for them (touch screen phones in case you didn’t get the hint), something more practical, everyone slowly began the migration to touch screen SmartPhones, and the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone became the ruling class.
Shall we Crown a New Champion Yet?

I think it’s safe to say a flip phone is an obsolete method of communication. Like a pay phone, it is inferior to the latest technology in on-the-go communication. Now SmartPhones are king. No-tie shoelaces are the up-and-coming champion whose superior benefits basically guarantee that soon there will be a new king; one who serves you at your feet.