Tiny Oranges is Crazy For Laceez

in playground Laceez Purple shoelaces on flower converse

Laceez Elastic No Tie Shoelaces receive great Review!

We are so happy to share the great shoe lace review Laceez received this week on tinyoranges.com. I contacted Jennifer who runs the blog and asked if they’d like to try out our kids’ laces. She said she’d only review them if she loved them…and she did, she loved our no tie shoelaces. A few days later we saw this awesome review on our shoelaces design. The first of may more good reviews come we hope.

Check out the shoelace review and see why Laceez are the best laces:


10% coupon code for our laces:

In the Tiny Oranges article there’s a coupon for 10% off, be sure to read to the bottom and get your discount on our kids’ no tie shoe laces

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