Tone It Up with

tone it up with laceez sneakers to slip ons

As we approach the Holiday Season, there may be a few people who are trying to get a head start on their fitness and are putting in extra hours at the gym (in hopes to be able to enjoy a festive turkey dinner)…

Next time you’re about to pack your gym bag, don’t forget to incorporate one of the most important accessories that’ll most of all add convenience to your routine. Include a pair of your favorite active shoes laced up with Laceez no-tie slip on laces to match your stylish workout wear. Laceez, a sure thing to help pass the time while you’re racking in the miles during some refreshing cardio (or whichever healthy activity helps you boost your heart rate while still having fun)!

Have peace of mind knowing your Laceez are secure during your exercise, preventing you from having to stop what your doing to bend down and tie old-school shoe lace strings. No need to stop in the middle of your Zumba routine to adjust your shoes anymore, you’ll be ahead of the class. Check out the wide variety of  colors we offer for both Children’s and Men’s/Women’s sizes; order your very own pair of Laceez no tie shoelaces today!