How to Turn Any Shoe Into a Slip-on

remove old lace weave in new lace love laceez

Today we’re going to show you a quick outline on how to turn any shoe into a slip on. Its a quick 3 steps to simplicity.

With Laceez no-tie shoelaces, you simply find your size that matches your shoe size and replace your old regular laces. The product is quite simple, and even more brilliant. A great option for kids, pregnant moms who don’t want to bend over, guys too lazy to tie and untie, women who like to jog with ease….you get the idea. Check out the illustration below and leave a comment, share with friends, or all the above.

We want people to share the simplicity. Everyone would love a pair of Laceez, and everyone knows someone else who’d love a pair, or even more, need a pair. Check out for more info.

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