How Laceez can Support Independence and Confidence in Children with Autism

How Laceez can Support Independence and Confidence in Children with Autism

Autism is a complex thing that messes with the way people interact socially, communicate, and behave. You've probably heard of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and it's not just one disorder,  it's a whole spectrum of conditions with similar kinds of challenges. People with ASD often see and experience the world in unique ways, and some everyday tasks can turn into real challenges. Even tying a shoelace can feel difficult too. 

Why is that the case? It is because their attention to detail, coordination, and way of processing sense is different from the norm. Their brains are wired differently which can make all the senses that we experience in life intense.

Why No-Tie Shoelaces are the Next Big Thing

Tying your shoelaces does not have to dictate your morning routine. Enter no-tie shoelaces – the unsung heroes for our little champs. It's not just about ditching the knots; it's about giving these kids independence with no frustration, and no fuss. 

  1. Choice and independence: Children with autism often get items that are specially designed for them. No-tie laces let them choose cool sneakers like everyone to boost independence and self-confidence.
  2. Feeling normal: Children on the spectrum can be sensitive to feeling different. Wearing customized sneakers with no-tie laces gives them the same joy as other kids.
  3. Preventing accidents: Untied laces can cause injuries or be untied at the wrong time. No-tie laces eliminate this risk and make shoes easy to slip on and off.
  4. Early self-care: Learning to put on shoes is a key self-care skill for children. No-tie laces make it easier and empower them to manage this task independently.
  5. Letting go as a parent: Letting go can be hard. No-tie laces offer a simple way to trust your child with more independence, building confidence in both of you.
  6. Freedom of movement: Feeling watched or needing help can limit freedom for individuals with ASD. No-tie laces make putting on shoes and moving around easier, giving them more autonomy and control.

These are just some of the ways no-tie shoelaces can benefit people with autism. Switching to no-tie laces can significantly improve their daily lives and well-being.

Which No-Tie Shoelaces Should You Use?

But wait, how do you introduce no-tie shoelaces? It's all about making it fun and engaging. However, there are a lot of choices which makes it difficult to choose. So, let's dive into what's buzzing right now – Laceez. These elastic no-tie shoelaces are one of the best options to give your kid more freedom. 

These aren't your average laces. They're the secret weapon for style and simplicity. Laceez is all about adding that magic of convenience to your shoes without the hassle of tying. They're stretchy, snazzy, and super comfy which are perfect for kids who find regular laces puzzling.

These shoelaces can be laced in your shoes and secured with these simple steps shown HERE!

What Makes Laceez No-Tie Shoelaces All the Rage?

What makes Laceez perfect for kids with ASD is:

  • Sensitive material: These laces are soft, comfy, and a joy to touch. Perfect for sensory-sensitive kids.
  • Easy to use: Easy installation, easy use – it's all about keeping things hassle-free.
  • Tough as nails: Built to withstand the rigors of non-stop play and exploration.
  • Encourages safety: There will be no tripping, no slipping and just smooth sailing for the kids.
  • Stylish: Individuals with ASD are highly creative and you can let their personality shine through with a range of colors that Laceez offers.  

Laceez also offer the Lock and Run shoelaces which are perfect for extra security as shown here.

Let the kids pick their favorite color of Laceez and show them how cool it is to just slip on those sneakers. A little encouragement goes a long way, and it is priceless to see their shoes jazzed up with these bright laces.

Laceez isn't just about keeping shoes on; they're about adding a dash of style and convenience to every step. They're for the kids who march to the beat of their own drum and the parents who rock along with them. Make each day a little less tangled and a lot more fun!

Snag a pair of Laceez no-tie shoelaces for your kids or even yourself at and use the discount code ‘NYLACE20’ to get a 20% discount off all of your purchases. 

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