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Laceez No Tie Shoelaces speed tying in TSA lines

NO MORE TIE, TIE AGAIN: Life is too short to spend tying and untying shoelaces —  especially if airport security is in your travel plans. If you disagree, then go ahead and don’t grab a batch of time-saving once-and-done Laceez No Tie Shoelaces. These long, stretchy Lycra-and-nylon-blend shoe laces can be swapped out with traditional laces on any pair of laced shoes, turning the shoes into quick and easy pull-ons. While a boon for travelers constantly having to remove shoes for airport X-ray inspection and for parents trying to get little kids all tied up in a hurry, No Tie shoelaces are also a truly helpful aid to individuals with dexterity challenges. (Of course, you still need to be able to bend down and pull your shoes over your feet, but we’re talking simple solutions, not magic wands.) Someone still has to do the initial lace-up, but once through the top eyelets, the laces’ rigid T-bar end pieces lock in place against the holes (either on the external or internal side), with no need to tie a bow (unless you really want to). 

Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, each in a choice of lengths, Laceez come in white or black for adults’  Kids’ styles come in a multitude of colors, from neutral to neon shades of pink, blue, red and yellow. (How come kids’ have all the fun?)   Laceez can be machine-washed (cold water, gentle detergent) and lightly tumble dried. As a side bonus, Laceez make handy substitutes for rubber bands and are great for tying together things The kids can busy their  minds coming up with other creative uses — just hope they don’t hit on “hey look, a slingshot!”

Laceez No Tie Shoe Laces in white or black men’s and women’s sizes are $11.99; $20.99 for a 2-pack; kids’ sizes in neutral or neon colors are $6.99; $20 for a 3-pack at

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