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No-Tie shoe laces are ideal for people of all ages.

When no-tie shoe laces were first introduced, their purpose was clear: to provide comfort and ease. Silicone shoelaces are the first no-tie shoelaces in the world. They may add convenience, comfort, and style to any pair of shoes. No-tie shoelaces of the highest caliber are what Laceez is committed to selling. To create shoelaces with high flexibility and durability, we use superior silicone. Shoelaces won't be readily separated from eyelets thanks to the inventive grip design that is being used, which can withstand greater tension.

Make your life easier by deciding to never tie your shoes again by choosing elastic ones!

no tie laces

Let’s discuss what makes no-tie shoe laces different and appealing from traditional shoes. 

Premium Materials Selected

Made of high-quality material.
100% waterproof, sturdy, elastic, long-lasting, and resistant to wear.
With a moist cloth, it is simple to clean.
Trendy and perpetually fresh. 

Special Grip Design:

Unique grip patterns on each shoelace's ends.
It is not easily extracted.
The tops of your feet are soft and without pressure points.
Enough stretch and support. 

Powerful Elasticity

Durable and strong elasticity.
Remains intact following a 10000-time stretch test.
The unexpected breakage is not a cause for concern.
Immediately and forcefully remove shoe laces by ripping them out immediately.

Do regular shoelaces ever make you put off leaving the house?

Are your shoelaces still coming undone after stooping down to tie them every day?

Are you still concerned that your kids can't tie their shoes?

Do you wish to save your loved ones from falling over due to idiotic loose shoelaces?

Try the Laceez method right now to tie shoelaces once and for all.

10+10 pieces in adult size, 7+7 pieces in child size.

You can select from different colors.

You can undoubtedly find your preferred shade to go with your footwear and attire.

A wonderful present for your loved ones, your parents, and your kids. 

No-Tie Shoe Lace Installation in Four Steps.

Length and dimensions

Match the shoe eyelets' width by choosing a lace that is initially as long as the distance between two eyelets. You don't have to adhere to graduated lengths one by one.


After inserting the lace tip into the eyelet, pull it out using your fingers from the opposite side. Tools with no sharp edges, such as pliers, tweezers, etc., are advised for tiny eyelets.  


Rep the process for the opposite side of the eyelets. There are enough no-tie shoelaces to choose from and use as an alternative. Installation can be done however you like.  


After nearly completing the installation of these shoe strings, put on your shoes and experience the comfort, support, and stretch as you walk, jog, or run. With no-tie shoe laces, you can walk as much as you can without having the fear of tightening your laces again and again.

No more tying of shoelaces for children and adults.

With these no-tie laces, parents won't have to worry about too many rambunctious children, and kids will be content not to have to tie their shoes any longer. Happy elastic shoe laces, happy family. It will give your child more comfortable and he/she will enjoy the experience of going to school. 

no tie laces

Athletes may not tie their shoes.

Usually, athletes prefer comfort, especially when it comes to shoes because they need something that provides them with satisfaction. Numerous athletes, including runners and triathletes, can use these elastic shoelaces to suit their demands for support and flexibility. There's no need to interrupt your workout to knot your shoelaces. You can always take pleasure in working out.

No-tie shoelaces are ideal for sportspeople. They can enjoy their game and maintain their focus easily with no-tie shoe laces as they are smartly manageable. 

Adults may not tie their shoes.

Youth and adults prefer no-tie laces over traditional shoelaces because they can save time and effort by not having to tie their laces every time they put them on. Just leave right away with our no-tie shoe laces. We always adore those products that give us pleasure and comfort, and when it comes to shoe selection, we highly prefer comfort and style over discomfort and uneasiness.

With no-tie shoe laces, you can work out without stress or having to worry about tying your shoes all the time. If you're looking for anything to support your fitness regimen, it's time to start working toward your goal of staying fit and healthy.

By making a few minor changes to your daily schedule, you may quickly incorporate more physical activity into your life. 

Seniors may not tie their shoes.

Our no-tie shoelaces can be a thoughtful gift for elderly individuals who suffer from arthritis or spondylitis, or for a special group of people who require care because they will no longer have to endure the discomfort of repeatedly stooping down to tie their shoes.

Without a doubt, no-tie shoelaces are one of the most popular inventions among seniors. They can enjoy their morning walk happily and peacefully without having any trouble. 

Give it a try.

We always consider it when testing a new product, and that decision-making process can sometimes double when we use it to buy a product that has historically been available on the market. On the other hand, we always prefer goods that are comfortable and of high quality.

I've decided to try no-tie shoe laces after reading so much positive feedback about them; anything that fits comfortably on your feet and doesn't require any tying is my type of stuff. It reduces time and effort significantly.

I found that no-tie shoelaces are especially helpful for traveling, working out, and walking, and they are perfect for people of all ages. No-tie shoe laces are popular among the elderly as well as older adults who enjoy wearing them. You can enjoy your vacation and save time by not constantly tying the laces. Don't forget to pack your no-tie shoelaces whenever you have travel plans because they will be your most useful travel companion.

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