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Summer is the ideal time for outdoor activities

Kids are more eagerly anticipating summer than adults are, and they don't want to miss the chance to welcome the tranquility, pleasure, and unforgettable moments that they genuinely want to enjoy. Because we have so many possibilities throughout the summer, it's perfect for planning outside activities, playing with your kids, and discovering new fun. Activities that we cannot accomplish in the cold are quite easy to carry out in the summer.

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For parents, the summer months can occasionally feel like anything but a break. Understandably, many parents are feeling overburdened when they consider the months spent navigating a worldwide pandemic, working from home, and the possibility of schools remaining closed in September. Going outside is a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to let off some steam.

Getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for your mood and a general sense of well-being. We at Laceez want you to move smarter, so we've put together a list of fantastic outdoor summer activities the whole family can take part in.

What are we hearing?

We believe it is the sound of sleepy kids and a quiet night. Is there a better option?

Set It Down to Fun

Sidewalk chalk is one of the cheapest ways to keep your kids occupied for hours. You may have hours of outdoor entertainment for less than $5 by purchasing a bundle of 24 different colors. Allow your children to transform your pavement into a work of art or plan a fun hopscotch game for them. Even better, think outside the box and design an enjoyable obstacle course with various activity stations, then have your children compete to see who can finish it in the shortest amount of time. We advise placing the Laceez No-Tie Lacing System on your children's shoes for fast-paced sports like these. Trips, falls, bumps, and bruises will be less likely as a result.

Additionally, our No-Tie Lacing System stops shoelaces from dragging on the ground and gathering extra dirt and bacterial infections.


Scavenger hunts are fun for everyone, even adults, and it makes sense. The entire family can enjoy and be challenged by these clue-based games. Your home or a local park are suitable locations for your scavenger hunt. Give your children a list of things to look for and bring home or to take pictures of. Decide on a time limit and a reward for the team that gathers the most items or pictures. A different option is to hide several clues throughout your yard or in a local park, and then give the prize to the team that completes the loop the fastest. 

This is a fantastic activity since it may be mentally and physically challenging for your children, who may be yearning for some quiet time to reflect and study after being out of school for so long.

Adventure in life is very important, especially for young minds. They can learn a lot from experience. No-tie shoe laces are the best choice for outdoor activities and different adventures, and they are the all-time favorite adventure companion for kids. You might notice when kids are on adventure missions, they indulge themselves in that mission and forget everything else. They want to enjoy every moment of it and want to feel the experience. No-tie shoe laces go well in this situation.

Gardening is a place to interact with nature.

Do you need to take care of any backyard gardening maintenance? Bring your children along! Gardening is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, get some chores done, and teach them about nature. Get a few small plants and enlist your children's assistance in planting them in the ground in a pot. Teach children how to routinely water their plants to involve them in the maintenance process.

Both you and your child will enjoy seeing the plant flourish as it grows. Additionally, it's a great way to instill in children a respect for and appreciation for nature. You can enjoy your gardening activities with Lacez no-tie shoe laces more easily as you don’t have to tie your laces, which may irritate you sometimes. Therefore, with the use of no-tie shoe laces, you can concentrate on the outdoor activities you love the most.

Prepare a dish

Another fantastic way to connect with your children and keep them occupied throughout the summer is through food. Pick a tasty snack or meal that the whole family can make outside. If you have a fire pit or small grill, roast hotdogs and s'mores together and eat them outside. This is the cutest way to enjoy time with your family, and outdoor cooking is always fun if you do it with your kids. They enjoy cooking if you guide them and let them cook. They will love it. It was a new and good exposure experience.

Game Shows

This is a great choice if you're searching for a kid-friendly activity that will keep them interested for the entire day or even several days. Tell your children to perform for you in the backyard. Clear a small space for them to use as a stage; give them a notebook to record the tale; some arts and crafts supplies to help bring the performance to life, and some costumes for them to dress up in. Invite everyone over to see the event live and ask them to make tickets to present to friends and family. This game is a fantastic way to encourage your children to collaborate on a project while also encouraging their imagination and creativity.

Parents have undoubtedly had a difficult few months, so it's vital to know you're not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed. There have been so many people facing unprecedented hardships this year. We hope that these methods and advice for entertaining your kids will be of use and that you will enjoy this summer in a more relaxing way with your family.


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