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A little about the Canadian Flag

When creating this page, we got to learn a little about the Flag of Canada. If you’re Canadian, then you should already know the answers to the following questions, bet let’s see …

Laceez Canada No Tie Laces
The beautiful Flag of Canada

1) In what year was the Flag of Canada adopted?

2) What flag did Canada use prior to the current flag?

3) What is the unofficial name of the Flag of Canada?

The answers are below. But here’s a beautiful image to ponder while you come up with the answers on your own …

Canadian Maple Leaf Canada No Tie Laces


1) 1965! February 15th, 1965. Just after the Great Canadian Flag Debate

2) The Union Jack from the UK in it’s various forms, you can see all of the versions of the flags here

3) The Maple Leaf! Of course. Even Americans should be able to guess that, we’d hope.

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