Vintage Toxic Crusaders Action Figure by Playmates - 1991 - Headbanger

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Mint on card and over 30 years old, this vintage gem is in near perfect condition. This is headbanger, the two headed surfer is an beloved original in the line.

More info:

Borne out of an ultra-violent, B-class movie from Troma, The Toxic Avenger. The Toxic Crusaders became an incredibly 90’s way to teach children about the environment and the evils of pollution and big business. The Toxic Crusaders TV show certainly had charm (and you can watch them all for free on YouTube thanks to Troma Video!). The cartoon has a lot of characters and seems to have trouble focusing between all the gags and jokes but those characters did give the toy line a fantastic starting point. We got most of the characters all sculpted in their own unique, crazy style. From LeftoverCultureReview