What are Laceez?

Laceez are no-tie shoe laces for kids. The elastic lace is designed to give shoes a comfy fit while eliminating the need for tying and untying shoes. With Laceez, your child’s sneaker instantly becomes a slip-on they will love.

Will Laceez be available for adults?

Yes, adult sizes will be available early 2016. Be the first to know when they’re available, sign-up for our newsletter by clicking the email icon in the header.

How do Laceez no tie laces work?

Simply put the laces through the bottom of the shoelace holes as if you are lacing a regular shoe with a typical shoelace, then when you get to the last two holes (eyelets) on the left and right side of your shoe, our custom metal end secures a nice snug fit.

Will Laceez work with my shoes?

Types of shoes Laceez work great on:

Standard 4 to 5 hole sneakers

Types of shoes that may require a bit more evaluating for the right fit:
  • Keds and Vans, along with various other shoes, can sometimes run their shoelace holes closer together, requiring users to order a size down for a better fit.
  • 2 and 3 hole shoes – It’s often difficult for Laceez to fit on shoes with only 3 eyelets or less, requiring users to sometimes go 1 to 2 sizes down, but it is difficult to guarantee the right fit in these situations.
  • 6 hole shoes – Laceez can definitely work but typically require the user to order a size up
  • 7 to 8 holes – As of now its likely not possible for Laceez to fit correctly on a shoe with 7 or more eyelets, however our line of larger sizes are coming soon.
Just a bit too small?

Unlace your Laceez from the shoe and give each lace 2 strong (but gentle) pulls on each end to stretch the elasticity. Our special elastic fabric will stretch up to an extra inch if needed.

Just a bit too big?

You can do 2 things:
1) run the excess tip of lace through the last shoelace hole a second time.
2) Let us know they are too big and we will ship you a new pair a size or two down, depending on the amount of excess.

If I am unsure about what size to order, what do you suggest I do?

We advise that you review our sizing chart. And also keep in mind Laceez are designed to fit 5 hole shoes the best. Any time you are still uncertain of which size to buy, it’s often better to order up a size. Laceez are most comfortable when they have a little bit of room for the elastic to stretch and for the foot to move.

Where can I buy Laceez?

Laceez are available at various retailers across the US and Canada, and right here in our online store.


We ship to the US, Canada, UK, Canada, and Australia. US orders of THREE (3) or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING! We offer first class and priority shipping. Shipping rates to your location will be calculated on the Cart Page or the Checkout Page.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Shipping charges to the customer vary depending on the destination.


We accept returns for anyone who is not satisfied with the product. You can contact us at https://laceez.com/contact-us/ for return information. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for online customers.


Please contact us at email_address_hidden_1 or the retailers page and we will immediately get back to you. Can’t wait to discuss!

Do you offer promo codes for discounts?

Yes, every season we will have a new promo code to offer discounts. Also, when you Share Laceez at checkout, a 20% off coupon will be automatically applied to your order.

I am an adult, will Laceez fit my shoe?

In many cases, yes they can fit your shoe if you have a small to medium adult size shoe. However, we do not guarantee the same comfort or satisfaction when you put a child size Laceez product on an adult size shoe.

Still have questions?

Start a chat with us or send a message via our contact page.

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