5 Steps to Fundraising with Laceez

1. Choose Laceez

We are a No Tie shoelace brand for kids and adults. Laceez turn sneakers into slip-ons and eliminating the task of tying shoes; creating a neater and more comfy shoe for everyone. You might be asking just who might want to purchase Laceez? The answer: Anyone who wears shoes! Here are a few examples of our customers:

Parents on the go, Pregnant Mothers, Kids, Athletes, Teachers and Educators, Elderly Adults and people with Special Needs or other health conditions.

Laceez also offers customized 3-packs that can incorporate School or Organization colors.

2. Pick A Date

Just give us a launch date and we will work together to create the perfect customized fundraiser for you. Once the date is set, fundraising packets will be delivered to your school for students to take home.

3. Sell, Sell, Sell!

Promotion and encouragement is key to a successful fundraiser. Our team will provide you with promotional materials, strategy suggestions for prime results and fundraising progress charts. For the best results, we encourage that each school set a minimum sales incentive of 5 units per participant. It is also recommended that 100% participation be promoted.

4. That’s A Wrap

Once the fundraiser has come to a close and all the packets are collected, sit back and let us do the rest of the work! We will process and sort each order leaving you with the least amount of work as possible.

Please allow a 3-4 week turnover time for product delivery.

5. Collect Your Cash!

The more you sell the bigger your fund!

Our tier chart below illustrates the potential fundraiser earnings.


Example: If you sell 750 units of men/women at $21.99 and 750 units kids at $19.99 (1500 units total), the total fundraiser sale would be $31,485.

(750 X $21.99) + (750 X $19.99) = $31,485

1500 would place your school in the 45% profit tier, giving your school a fundraiser profit of $14,168.


Laceez is ready to fundraise with you! Please contact us at your convenience to get started.