Simplify Mommy Life with Laceez No-Tie Laces

baby mommy life simplify with laceez shoelaces

Whether you’re a Mommy to be or already have kids running around, daily schedules can get a bit hectic at times… Allow Laceez to help you simplify. Some of you may be getting used to a growing baby bump. Lets be real, there comes a time when reaching down to tie your shoes gets to be a… more »

Back to School Shopping with Laceez

back to school style simplified

It’s back to school time! Are you tired of having to stop what your doing to tie shoe laces for your little ones? Are you fed up with having to worry over your child’s safety with potential shoe lace hazards? Laceez is happy to lighten your parenting load while giving you peace of mind… more »

Regular Shoelaces VS. No-tie shoelaces

laceez elastic no tie shoelaces vs untied regular laces

There was “No Tie” in this Comparison of shoelaces. There’s not much of a comparison since no-tie shoelaces are so much better than regular ones, but let’s compare them and crown one over the other, shall we? Then let’s compare the crowned king with its contemporaries. The… more »

Back to School Basics

Pinterest back to school supplies laceez

As school days approach oh so quickly as they always do, ­we gathered some of the quick basics. Actually, these were the supplies we just bought our daughter and thought we’d share! more »

All About Stickers

pipsticks stickers about blog laceez

Have you every just wanted to get a giant pack of crazy, cool stickers in the mail? So we just came across a really fun company called Pipsticks. They’re all about stickers! Subscribe to Pipsticks and you’ll get a different pack of crazy cool stickers every month. They make them for… more »

5 Awesome Travel Products for the Whole Family

laceez are an awesome family travel product

Getting ready to travel? Check out some of these ridiculously useful products that you and your kids will love the next time you pack up the fam for the next adventure.   1. BenBat Travel Friends. Everyone needs a good friend that’s a pillow. We all hate seeing our kids with their necks… more »

7 Reasons Why Regular Shoelaces are Dying

shoelaces join vhs floppy disks cassette tapes

Ah shoelaces! A product that was once interesting and necessary is now slowly becoming a novelty. Sad? no way! The future is bright. These are 7 simple reasons to know why this is the end of the shoelace and why you should start looking into those new options out there. There are so many slip-on… more »

Kingdoms of No Tie Shoelaces | Compare Popular Styles

From bungee to curly, round laces to flat laces, colorful laces and plain black or white laces, shoelaces keep our shoes on our feet and all of them have no-tie counterparts, which each have unique mechanisms and unique styles of their own. No-tie shoelaces are becoming more popular than ever as… more »

Shoes get Accessory that Adds Form and Function

Adult womens whitelace white brick landscape

Shoes are Big Business We know shoes are big business, there’s even a term coined, Sneakernomics. But lately I’ve been wondering, how many people are really going to purchase another pair of regular shoelaces either before or after they buy some brand new kicks? People usually… more »