Laceez Review: Shoe Laces Like Never Before

“… I was so impressed with how easy and genius this product is and how their sneakers stay on without being “tied!” …” Here’s another great review we received recently by the blog We sent some samples out to Eileen and she loved them enough to… more »

Sharing Your Photos with Laceez

We are looking Laceez “photo-friends”. Send us your pics with Laceez on your kids’ shoes or post to our Instagram account (@mylaceez) with the hashtag #mylaceez and we’ll post your pics and your tag on our site. We’re shipping Laceez all over the world and would love… more »

Tiny Oranges is Crazy For Laceez

in playground Laceez Purple shoelaces on flower converse

Laceez Elastic No Tie Shoelaces receive great Review! We are so happy to share the great shoe lace review Laceez received this week on I contacted Jennifer who runs the blog and asked if they’d like to try out our kids’ laces. She said she’d only review them if she… more »

The Laceez Tip of the Shoelace

At the two ends of ordinary shoelaces are what are called aglets, those little plastic tips that encase the ends of the shoelace to make it easier to insert in and out of the shoelace holes. Shoelace holes have a technical name too, called eyelets. What’s different about Laceez, aside from… more »