No Tie Shoelace Reviews, aka Laceez Love

We Love our Laceez.
And our customers do too.

Below is a long list of customer reviews on our no tie shoelaces. We follow up on all purchases to make sure you're loving your Laceez.

Great product and solution for anyone who has difficulty tying their shoelaces or bending down. Bought these for my nephew with autism and my elderly mom - perfect!
—Mandy B.
Ordered on Dec 8th 2020
I have tried Hickies and SnapLaces and LACEEZ beats them both in style and comfort. Laceez looks real and I like how easy they are to use and how comfortable they are to wear. I'll be buying more for my other pair of shoes and am getting rid of my Hickies and SnapLaces.
—L. Hightower
Ordered on Dec 8th 2020
My kids are loving the laces. Easy to get their shoes on and off!
Ordered on Dec 6th 2020
My wife and I are very happy with the product.
—Gary M
Ordered on Dec 5th 2020
My three year olds tennis shoes would always come untied, even from a double knot, and he would trip at school. It was also difficult to put his shoes on because I could never loosen them enough to make slipping them on easy. His favorite pair were the worst and I dreaded putting them on him. The Laceez have change my life. His shoe slip right on! They never fall off and there are no laces to tie or untie. They are the best and I have already told all my friend about them. I plan on buying these forever for all my kids.
—M. Delashaw
Ordered on Dec 3rd 2020
Our 9yr. old loves them! Simple, practical and easy to use!
—S. Gamboa
Ordered on Nov 22nd 2020
I'm using them in my Chuck Taylor high tops and it's fantastic
—Sandy be S.
Ordered on Nov 10th 2020
My grandson has no manuel dexterity and we have tried all kinds of things because he cannot tie his shoes. When the laceez came in I was at work and he sent me a photo of his shoes with the new laceez in. He was so proud of himself and so was I. My grandson has managed to replace the laces in most of his shoes with laceez and they have been a great success. They keep his bowling shoes on with out any type of slipping, his school shoes stay on with no problem whether he is sitting in class or at recess running around. He always looks neat and no more grandma will you fix my shoes. They are great
—Linda RB
Ordered on Nov 9th 2020
Love them! Just wished they came in more colors for adults. Going to order them for my kids next.
Ordered on Nov 8th 2020
Love these. Hate doing up laces so these are ideal! Easy to use as well. Would like some bright colours for adults though!
—J Stewart
Ordered on Nov 7th 2020
The best way to (k)not tie your shoelaces!
—K Clarke
Ordered on Nov 1st 2020
Ordered these for my 4 and 5 year old (shoes sizes 8 and 9). They fit great. I only wish they came in a smaller size for my 2 year old (shoe size 6-7)
—Lauren G.
Ordered on Oct 29th 2020
These are great.
Ordered on Oct 28th 2020
Awesome! The perfect solution for my toddler's lace-up shoes! Her daycare especially appreciates them, for convenience and safety.
—K. Eberts
Ordered on Oct 27th 2020
My son and husband love them. Still waiting on my pair and I know i'll love them too.
—Mrs. T from the North
Ordered on Oct 21st 2020
Replacing my son's laces with Laceez was very simple. Now, it's so much easier and faster to put his shoes on...
—R P
Ordered on Oct 12th 2020
As a boy mom, Laceez makes my life easier! My four year old cannot tie his shoes yet so Laceez helps on that point. Also he has wide and thick feet so Laceez allows his foot to easily slip in his shoes. I'm a fan for life.
—Andrea L.
Ordered on Oct 7th 2020
Theses are the best I have told everyone about them and even my older kids and husband want them. I will be ordering lots more!
—KT Murray
Ordered on Oct 6th 2020
My daughter loves them. She is in Kindergarten and learning how to work the tie shoes but the teachers doesn't have time to stop and tie shoes so I got the leceez for her this is her second pair and I have to say they work well even in the high tops shoes. Very happy, looking forward to get a pair for me since I have back problems and can't bent for tie my shoes anymore.
Ordered on Oct 5th 2020
Laceez make life easier for everyone in my house, from young kids to grandma and all of us in between.
—Miriam N.
Ordered on Sep 27th 2020
I bought my first pair of Laceez for my grandson. They eliminated the problem of his laces coming undone. I was so impressed that I ordered a pair for myself and 2 for my son. My son was looking to eliminate long loops after his sneakers were tied, and Laceez did the trick. I had previously purchased a set of lace alternatives for my sneakers that were made of rubber loops that hooked together. Unfortunately the ankle piece frequently unhooked. I don't have that problem with my Laceez.
—Chris S.
Ordered on Sep 26th 2020
Great product. Takes the hassle out of getting my toddler dressed
Ordered on Sep 13th 2020
My family loves it! Will be order more soon.
Ordered on Sep 11th 2020
Work great, love that they look like real laces!
Ordered on Sep 7th 2020
These are a "must have" for children struggling with loose laces. My only suggestion would be to keep the anchoring ends the same color as the laces. We solved the color clash by weaving the tips to the inside of the sneaker.
Ordered on Sep 3rd 2020
My six year old son has Timberland boots. They have a zip on the side but the laces kept coming untied and were becoming destroyed. Bought red Laceez and they are easy to use, work great and add a fun pop of color to his boots. No more untied, fraying laces. Will definitely buy again!
—A. Liu
Ordered on Sep 3rd 2020
Daughter wears size 2 in converse. Bought xl and they are perfect!
Ordered on Aug 18th 2020
These are a serious life changer and such a time saver!! We love our Laceez!
—L. Erickson
Ordered on Aug 17th 2020
I'm. very happy with .your laceez... I will be ordering many more in all different colours for the whole family!
Ordered on Aug 16th 2020
I loved these laces. I have a 14 yr old autistic son who cares about his appearances to his peers. The laces look like regular laces. Excellent product!
—Julie H
Ordered on Aug 8th 2020
I buy these for my kids all the time. Easy to use and my kids don't struggle with untied shoe laces all the time now. And I'm glad they have them for adults now.
—Aly Nguyen
Ordered on Aug 4th 2020
I think these are great for people who just want to slip on their athletic shoes quickly. They are absolutely a must for young children who can't yet tie their shoes. Also great for older adults who have difficulty bending over to tie their shoes. You can't tell that you have these unique no tie shoe laces, they look like normal laces.
Ordered on Jul 20th 2020
Great product! Thanks!
Ordered on Jul 19th 2020
Great product! Great service!
Ordered on Jul 18th 2020
Best laces I ever!!! I have the black laceez. My shoes looks and feels awesome. No more sitting or bending down to tie shoes, just slip them on easily with laceez.
—Aldrin G.
Ordered on Jul 3rd 2020
Great to hear Aldrin, thanks for sharing! —Laceez Support
Do not know how I existed without Laceez!
Ordered on Jun 17th 2020
I love them, and so does the friend I recommended them to! Thank you!
—Heather D
Ordered on Jun 6th 2020
Awesome!!! My 4 year old loves being about to put on his own shoes.
—Jo C.
Ordered on May 20th 2020
Perfect for my 4 year old! Also ordered a set for my husband ;-)
—Mom of Two
Ordered on May 8th 2020
Ordered some for my grandkids, and I confess -- I cheated and used a pair of the XL for myself. Couldn't wait for the adult sizes, so I'm thrilled!!
—Judy B.
Ordered on Apr 29th 2020
After trying other lace alternatives, Laceez was the clear winner for replacing tie laces for my 5 year old! He of course wants to be self sufficient but just isn't ready to tie his shoes alone. This gives him the freedom of the slip on and keeps the shoes on his feet. Couldn't be happier.
Ordered on Apr 26th 2020
Laceez make it easy for both my son and myself. Learning to tie laces is still an important life skill, but during that transition time, Laceez makes it easier on us both by allowing me the otpion of buying any type of shoe and allowing my son to independently wear those shoes while he masters his tying skills.
—B. McIlmoyle
Ordered on Apr 8th 2020
So amazing! These easy to get set up and are holding up great.
—Mrs. Peters
Ordered on Apr 2nd 2020
I love love love these!!!
—Felix, Sag Harbor
Ordered on Mar 31st 2020
Works great for my son who is still working on how to tie shoes. No more velcro !
—amanda S
Ordered on Mar 29th 2020
This is my second year ordering Laceez for my young child. They look great with his Converse and are functional as well. He can run and jump in them and they stay nice and snug!
Ordered on Mar 25th 2020
I have a 9 year old with autism and these laces are wonderful for him.I ordered a pair for me too and I love them!!
Ordered on Mar 23rd 2020
Love these laces! I've been recommending to other moms. So convenient and looks exactly like the regular laces. No more waiting for my daughter to tie her sneakers.
—J. Franco
Ordered on Mar 23rd 2020
Best purchase!!! Every parent in the 1st grade was asking where I got them!!! Ordering more!!!
—Kate O
Ordered on Mar 19th 2020
I bought Laceez for my 2nd grade son, in order to prevent his teachers from having to constantly re-tie his shoes for him. They work superbly! They're stretchy enough that he slips his shoes on with ease (and doesn't smash the back ends down like he previously did with his velcro shoes!), but not so stretchy that they're slipping off his feet. I would definitely buy them again, and if I had a pair of casual laced shoes, I'd even get them for myself!
—C Howk
Ordered on Mar 19th 2020
The children's size was perfect, my adult ladies size was too short for my converse shoes. I wear a 6 and was sent a size 2. They work great for my little guy though and that was my main objective :)
—A Liebs
Ordered on Mar 10th 2020
In my case, ordering the laceez by shoe size would have not given me the correct laces, since same size shoes vary in width and the amount of eyelets. I had to measure the lenght of the laces I needed and then ask the customer service guy to give me what size I needed to order given the lenghts I required. If you could put the lenght of the laceez as part of the size information, that would be very useful if you want your laces to fit exactly on your shoes. Thanks.
—Ricardo Escobar
Ordered on Mar 7th 2020
Great product. I wish I would have learned of you sooner. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks so much. And your customer service is awesome! I have been sharing my experience with family, friends, and co-workers.
Ordered on Mar 6th 2020
Perfect for kids!
Ordered on Mar 4th 2020
LOVE Laceez!!! Excellent product; HIGHLY recommend
—Karen P
Ordered on Mar 4th 2020
Are your Laceez performing as expected? I love our Laceez - you should pay me to be your spokesperson! I've convinced several friends - and some strangers - to buy them. :) My only frustration is that the large child size is actually pretty small/short. I had to buy women's small to make them work for my son's sneakers - boys size 4/5. So you need a little better sizing guide and/or a kids' XL to deal with that. Because the women's Laceez only come in 2 colors and my son was kind of bummed about that.
Ordered on Mar 2nd 2020
Customer support was great. My order was stuck, but customer support fixed it and they also added a couple of extra pairs as a good will gesture.
Ordered on Feb 26th 2020
Love them! My boys can easily slip their shoes on and off with no problem. Will be ordering more!
—Lindsey J
Ordered on Feb 25th 2020
Laceez are great for the kids, and us. Their customer service was quick to respond and very helpful.
—Ben V.
Ordered on Feb 18th 2020
My oldest son is a child with Autism, although we are still learning to tie our shoes Laceez makes our lives easier for the meantime and also for his teachers.
—Shel Sto
Ordered on Feb 15th 2020
We have been using laceez for a few years now and absolutely love them! Very simple and easy to use. Thank you laceez!
Ordered on Feb 9th 2020
Love these. No more constantly tying the children's laces!
Ordered on Dec 27th 2019
Love them! Looks great on my ultra boosts!
Ordered on Dec 9th 2019
Genius! I love it and my kids love it.
—Wilson M.
Ordered on Nov 14th 2019
Genius, why has nobody thought of this before?!?
—Gill S
Ordered on Nov 8th 2019
My daughter is so happy that she can now wear shoes without velcro closings and doesn't have shoe laces dragging around her feet. She (and I ) are in love with Laceez
Ordered on Nov 7th 2019
I will definitely order again. They are wonderful.
—C. Lavelle
Ordered on Nov 6th 2019
It is great for a 2 year olds shoes! I only wish they went into a smaller size as they are a bit loose, but they are perfect! I will be buying more in the future!
—Heather D
Ordered on Oct 28th 2019
I was so surprised to see a big box from you guys instead of a bubble mailer I had only ordered 4 pairs but due to a recent flaw with a past order you had included two extras. I am thrilled because they happen to be the perfect sizes for all 3 of my kids. So easy for my autistic son that likes his shoes to be taken off a million times in one outing. Thank you!
—C Davies
Ordered on Oct 26th 2019
We love Laceez! Not only do they save my daughters teachers from tying her shoes all day, but the colors are so cute that they make the shoes look even more stylish!
—Marissa B.
Ordered on Oct 26th 2019
I ordered these for my 10 yr old who has difficulty with tying his dhoes. I wasn't sure they would fit since he wears a men's size 8 . However they fit his shoes great and he loves them I will order more but wishe you had more colors like orange and gray.
Ordered on Oct 9th 2019
This product is simply genius!! It has helped my son tremendously, especially when he has to change in and out of his PE uniform. Love the product and I hope u make more in bigger sizes! Thank you for helping us!
Ordered on Sep 6th 2019
Excellent so far. Will see how long they last for that is the real test
—Busy mom
Ordered on Aug 27th 2019
I love them! I have already told 5 people how great they are!
—D. O'Driscoll
Ordered on Aug 25th 2019
Awesome alternative to kids tying shoes!
—Cindy C.
Ordered on Aug 21st 2019
Now you have to let me know when you get the adult sizes in stock!! My Mom is an amputee and she uses elastic laces that she has to tie...and a pair of Laceez would make life so much better! I have also had many of my daycare parent asking about Laceez for their kids! These are so much better that the curly elastic laces.
—M. Squelch
Ordered on Aug 18th 2019
SO glad I discovered these for my 3 year old son, just ordered 3 more and some for my 1 year old now too! This makes getting shoes in a breeze!
—Bre M.
Ordered on Aug 15th 2019
I was very surprised at the quality and how easy it was to use Laceez, I will definitely recommend them to my friends with kids.
Ordered on Aug 13th 2019
I love them! My kids can put their shoes on by themselves - that really frees me up when we are headed out the door in a hurry.
Ordered on Aug 12th 2019
Love laceez now my two boys use them
Ordered on Aug 10th 2019
They work perfect for my grandsons. We had trouble keeping their shoe laces tied.
—m. ewing
Ordered on Aug 9th 2019
My kids love Laceez and feel more confident wearing tennis shoes to school without the worry of their laces coming untied.
—J. Purinton
Ordered on Aug 7th 2019
I have a special needs 14 yr old that wears a 8.5 E in mens and I got the Xl they fit perfect. We tried hickeys but they don't work on loop eyes on shoes that are on a lot of athletes shoes. Hickeys came undone everyday and the teacher and aids wouldn't fasten them. So Laceez are perfect. Shoes laces are no longer a worry with Laceez.
—Ms. King
Ordered on Jul 26th 2019
Easy to use awesome and they are wonderful
—kimber s
Ordered on Jul 23rd 2019
I bought the laceez for my twin sons for their school shoes. They aren't quiet ready to tie shoe laces so these elastic shoelaces are so easy to use. They make your child's shoes like slip ons. Very easy to use and so convient. I would recommend these to anyone.
—Mel Smith
Ordered on Jul 18th 2019
I ordered two pairs for my son's school shoes. I have now stolen a pair for my own shoes cos they make getting them on and off easier.
Ordered on Jul 17th 2019
Size I ordered were a little bit small for my son's converse shoes. I had to adjust the laces a few time to get them right. But they're a really great product. I will be purchasing again.
—L. Villanueva
Ordered on Jul 16th 2019
Good price. good quality
Ordered on Jul 9th 2019
I already blogged about them because I love them so much. I love not having to tell my son to tie his shoes every 15 minutes!
—Jamie T.
Ordered on Jul 7th 2019
Laceez are so easy to use my son loves them.
—S. Sfetkopoulos
Ordered on Jun 23rd 2019
My son loves them!
Ordered on Jun 22nd 2019
We love them!! My son (ASD) can get his shoes on and off by himself and without the complaints and tantrums we are used to. We use them on our NT 6 1/2 year old sons shoes too and it saves so much time and hassle :) Thank you so much!
Ordered on Jun 18th 2019
Use them on my Chuck Taylors.....fabulous!
—C. Payne
Ordered on Jun 17th 2019
I did go to the video instructions to get them in my granddaughters shoes the first time. She loves them. They stay tight & even though she can tie shoes, she really likes not having to stop & re-tie them. Great product for kiddos who have already learned to tie their laces and a real time saver for teachers (I teach Pre-K and spend lots of time tying shoes!
—Linda Proffitt
Ordered on Jun 15th 2019
Love Laceez for my special needs daughter. She has gained independence now that she can put on her own shoes.
Ordered on Jun 13th 2019
Love them! No more fuss with tying shoes!
—Nicole Vaughn
Ordered on May 26th 2019
These are amazing! I use them on my son's school shoes. His teacher approached me that she was having a problem with him playing with his shoe laces since he always had velcro shoes before. Laceezs kept him focused on learning in the classroom and safe at gym and on the playground.
—Lisa G.
Ordered on May 25th 2019
I had a pair of shoes for my toddler where the laces were too long and constantly come undone. Enter Laceez, and now we just slip them on and off with no issues. They are exactly what we needed and will definitely be recommending them to friends!
Ordered on May 24th 2019
Fantastic! We love them.
—S. Lugo
Ordered on May 23rd 2019
Great for my son
—S in Aus
Ordered on May 23rd 2019
Laceez allows my son to wear the tie shoes he loves without the frustration of laces. Gone are the days where he is constantly running around with untied dirty laces. Thanks!
Ordered on May 20th 2019
Your shoe laces really help my daughter and i. they save a lot of time needed when putting on her leg braces. i would have never heard of your laces if not for the steve harvey show. thanks, gina
—j. velazquez
Ordered on May 15th 2019
These were the perfect solution to keeping my daughter's sneakers on her feet while she is still mastering how to tie her shoelaces. We bought the pink laces and they were the perfect color match to the regular laces we replaced. Now we don't need to worry about her tripping over her laces when playing sports or just running around.
Ordered on May 14th 2019
My kids love these. These are for all ages of kids. Make all kinds of sneakers slip-on not just baby looking ones. Perfect solution. Thank you!
Ordered on May 10th 2019
Our mornings have improved tenfold since my son started using Laceez. He no longer gets upset when it's time to put his shoes on because they are now a breeze to put on. Thank you Laceez!!
Ordered on May 9th 2019
2nd time to order and plan to order more!
—S. Robinette
Ordered on May 7th 2019
Thanks for your great review! —Laceez Support
These laces are high quality, convenient, and super cute...just what I needed for my 2 yr old's shoes.
Ordered on May 2nd 2019
They are awesome and make it very easy for kids to wear their shoes.
Ordered on Apr 23rd 2019
Great! —Laceez Support
When I received my order there was a mistake with it. I let them know and they responded quickly and resolved the issue without a problem! Great customer service!
—Caitlin H
Ordered on Apr 14th 2019
Glad we were able to get that straightened out for you. Thanks for your review. —Laceez Support
Really happy with product (which I'm using on my son's rugby & football boots) and the service offered by the company. All fears of ordering from a company I'd never heard of and not being in the country that you are based in were quickly quashed as updates via e-mails were received and a speedy delivery service of a quality product was made - thank you
—Ruth, Wales, U.K.
Ordered on Apr 13th 2019
Wonderful! Thanks for telling the world! —Laceez Support
Just so much easier tan having to deal with long shoe strings and it's easier for my kids cuz they only 4 and they don't know how to tie shoes and they can easily put their shoes on and off.
—J Collette
Ordered on Apr 4th 2019
Thanks for your review! —Laceez Support
How was the delivery time? My Laceez package somehow got lost in transit. When I contacted customer service to help track the package, they immediately sent me a new one and it arrived within 2 days! I really appreciated the customer service and the product is amazing! Exactly what I needed to make my sons shoes easy for him to take on and off himself, while looking like real shoelaces. Love Laceez!
Ordered on Apr 3rd 2019
Glad we were able to resolve your issue. Thanks for the great review! —Laceez Support
Love them have recommended them to all my friends with kids
Ordered on Apr 2nd 2019
Wonderful! —Laceez Support
Laceez are fantastic!
—S. Marchand
Ordered on Apr 2nd 2019
Thanks your review! —Laceez Support
Laceez are great! They stay put and it makes my son's shoes easy to put on!
—A. Jones
Ordered on Apr 2nd 2019
Great to hear! —Laceez Support
My original order seemed to have got lost in the mail. But after contacting your incredible customer service, which was friendly and professional, a replacement order was sent out right way and arrived on time. The product is easy to use, fashionable, and a reasonable price. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future as my kids go through school. Thank you!
—J Vandermeersch
Ordered on Mar 29th 2019
Glad we were able to assist you and that the second Laceez arrived on time. Thanks for the great review! —Laceez Support
Laceez makes mornings less stressful.
—E Jones.
Ordered on Mar 28th 2019
Yes! —Laceez Support
Did what they said they would.
—Ronnie Heckley
Ordered on Mar 27th 2019
Affirmative! Thanks for the review! —Laceez Support
Work very well. Just what I was looking for.
—Shawn R
Ordered on Mar 23rd 2019
Great, thanks for your review! —Laceez Support
This is my third pair I've ordered and now all my shoes are now Laceez! I love them! Thanks!!!
—Lil linds
Ordered on Mar 18th 2019
Great!!! Thanks for your review! We are happy to know! —Laceez Support
Absolutely great product that is innovative and easy to use. We need to reorder a larger size for our son because he has wide feet and the shoes he has are thicker around the top and take up more of the lace which make it a tighter fit. Our daughters is perfect very simple even for her to put on.
—Duenas Family
Ordered on Mar 14th 2019
Thanks for the review! We can exchange your son's Laceez with the next size up. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Laceez! —Laceez Support
My son has issues with fine motor skills and tying his shoes is a nightmare-these are a lifesaver! There are other options out there, but these look the most like regular laces and nobody even notices his shoes aren't tied with a traditional lace. I have recommended them to tons of people. I have had many asking for larger sizes, so please Laceez- make larger child and/or adult sizes quick!
Ordered on Mar 13th 2019
Laura, thank you for your feedback! Glad Laceez have helped you. We are in the process of offering adult sizes. Thanks! —Laceez Support
My great nephew loved these laces he struggled with tying his shoes and was so excited when these came in. You have changed our world.
—T. Fristoe
Ordered on Mar 12th 2019
Wow! Laceez are changing the world?! Well, at least they've improved yours. Great review! Thanks for letting the world know! —Laceez Support
It made me knowing my son going to Kindergarten wouldn't have untied shoes and tripping all day easier!
—Jessica C
Ordered on Mar 8th 2019
Jessica, thanks for the review, we're happy to hear! —Laceez Support
Wonderful idea, they look great!
Ordered on Mar 2nd 2019
Thanks for the great review Denisse! —Laceez Support
These are great. My son has a weakness on one side of this body and cannot tie shoes. Next year, he will be in adult sizes, so I hope they are available then. Please consider making navy blue and gray. These are popular colors too! Thanks!
—J. Hartman
Ordered on Feb 27th 2019
We are really glad that Laceez have helped you, thanks for sharing your story with everyone. We hope to expand our color options soon! Much love! —Laceez Support
These are awesome, great purchase and great price. I have already recommended them to many people.
—S. Craft
Ordered on Feb 6th 2019
Thanks for the review and for recommending our no tie shoelaces! —Laceez Support
Laceez are really great! They give my boys some independence, they can now get their shoes on and off themselves!
Ordered on Jan 30th 2019
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! —Laceez Support
Bought these for my very independent 3 year old. We love to buy him fun shoes, but many times they traditional laces make it hard for him to put on by himself and he refuses to ask for help. Now he can put on all his shoes by himself.
—Amanda B
Ordered on Jan 27th 2019
Great review! Wonderful to hear! Thanks for the feedback! —Laceez Support
So far so good. my son has only wore them for a couple days and so far they are working wonderfully!
Ordered on Jan 22nd 2019
Wonderful! Keep using them and if you have any issues just let us know! —Laceez Support
Laceez is a life saver.
—Dorothy P
Ordered on Jan 17th 2019
We appreciate your no tie shoelaces review! Thanks Dorothy! —Laceez Support
Laceez are just what my sons needed. They know how to tie their own shoes but the fabric that most laces are made out of make them constantly come untied. My sons were requesting no lace shoes but they already had almost new lace up shoes. Laceez fixed our problem. My sons are happy that they don't have to constantly retie their shoes and I am happy that the shoes they already have are being used.
—S. Thomas
Ordered on Jan 11th 2019
Great, thanks for your review! We're happy to hear you are enjoying our no-tie shoelaces! —Laceez Support
It's still early in our Laceez experience....a week or two. I want to give it some time and use before I give a full review. So far so good, hoping it continues (stretch vs. too loose, staying in one piece vs breaking, etc.)
—Leslie D
Ordered on Jan 10th 2019
Great! If any issues come up, just let us know, we are here to help! —Laceez Support
Great product so far! I ordered 3 pairs so we could change them if we wanted. So glad I stumbled upon this product!
Ordered on Jan 8th 2019
Thanks for sharing! Yes it's fun to mix and match the colors. Enjoy! —Laceez Support
This product is good, works exactly as stated. Just wish they would explain sizing better for the Laceez. My daughter wears a size 13 & I figured 12-13 would be best but it's pretty snug so I have to skip a few holiest I make it comfortable for her.
—Mrs. Martinez
Ordered on Jan 5th 2019
You satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, if the sizing is off (as all shoes are made a little differently) we would be glad to exchange your laces. We want you to LOVE your Laceez! Thanks for your review. —Laceez Support
Adult sizes please!
—J DiCo
Ordered on Jan 5th 2019
Adult sizes are coming soon. Be sure to sign up for newsletter to be the first to know. —Laceez Support
So glad I found these! We've used a few different shoe strings for my soon to be 4 year old son and these are the best! The only thing I would change is the length. He wear a toddler 9 1/2 and we got the smaller size laceez and they are still a little too long. I double looped the top hole and that helps a lot! I got white, but we will definitely be ordering more colors! These are great!
Ordered on Jan 5th 2019
Thanks for your review on our no tie shoelaces. We are happy to make an exchange for you if the sizing is not quite perfect. All shoes are made a little differently. We want you to be most comfortable and pleased with your new Laceez! —Laceez Support
Excellent product. Please make neon colors.
—J Oliveri
Ordered on Jan 1st 2019
Thanks for your review! We have a neon green coming soon and other colors as well. —Laceez Support
Love them!!!! I even ordered more colors for other shoes
Ordered on Dec 28th 2018
Jay! Thanks for sharing! We are thrilled! Hooray for no tie shoelaces!!! —Laceez Support
The ones I ordered worked in my daughters size 8 shoes. Due to Strokes she is using one hand and is able to pull her shoes on. Consider adult sizes!
—L. Smolek
Ordered on Dec 24th 2018
Glad Laceez are able to help you and your daughter. Adult sizes are on the way. Thanks for your review, your feedback is appreciated by all. —Laceez Support
Laceez was exactly what we needed for our sons shoes. Although if you had adult sizes, that would be great. Our son has autism, so shoe tying is challenging for him. He's just out of kids size shoes, so I'm hoping you will make adult size Laceez to fit his shoes better. We love the colors, most importantly my son loves them! Makes putting on shoes not so stressful for him.
—L. Gonzalez
Ordered on Dec 19th 2018
Soon, very soon. We are working on our release of adult sizes and will let you know as soon as they are ready. Thanks for sending your review. We are happy Laceez are working great for you! —Laceez Support
The Laceez do their job and that is why I purchased them. However, I bought size 11 for my son as that was the shoe we purchased for him and they seem a little tight. I also wasn't quite sure if there was a particular way to put them on so instructions would be great! Overall, I am glad I purchased them and will do so in the future! The work as they are supposed to and look great as well! Thanks for an awesome product!
Ordered on Dec 17th 2018
We are more than happy to exchange for a different size. We want your Laceez to fit perfectly for your shoes. We are improving our instructions. Thanks, we appreciated all the no tie shoelace reviews we are getting, helps us to improve our product for you! —Laceez Support
Boyz hated tying their shoes. They want to just get up and go so these laceez came in so handy they are a GODSEND! I WILL DEFINITELY BE ORDERING MORE!
—Thee Allens
Ordered on Dec 15th 2018
We like hearing this! Thanks for sharing your experience, we appreciate it! —Laceez Support
I have a child with autism. He does not like shoestrings that are tied and they can sometimes cause a lot of stress. Also, velcro shoes are hard to find. Laceez have allowed me to buy him cute running shoes that do not cause a meltdown. Win for both of us. Thanks for coming up with this great idea. I am sure there are many other parents of special needs children who would find these a lifesaver.
—M. Jones
Ordered on Dec 15th 2018
Thank you very much for sharing! We are very glad to hear your Laceez are working well for you. Wonderful review. Thanks! —Laceez Support
We are loving Laceez. I bought a pair for my son to try and am now back to order more! Would love if they came in adult sizes!
—Ehlers Family
Ordered on Dec 13th 2018
Will be coming in adult sizes soon! We can't wait to release them and we'll let you know. Thanks for your great feedback, we appreciate it! —Laceez Support
Completely satisfied
—k. Odom
Ordered on Dec 13th 2018
Then so are we, because all Laceez come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thanks for the great review! —Laceez Support
Love them!!! User friendly and my daughter wants some in every color!! Looking forward to bigger sizes for my son and me too!! Congratulations on a wonderful product!
—Gina E
Ordered on Dec 11th 2018
Gina, thanks for sharing! We appreciate the feedback and are very happy you gave Laceez a try! —Laceez Support
Brilliant product. Love Laceez!
—A. Boucher
Ordered on Dec 11th 2018
Wonderful review! Thanks for letting the world know! —Laceez Support
I love my laceez...they are so easy to put on... now my kids can slip on their shoes and run...
Ordered on Dec 10th 2018
Ahhh, the Laceez love. Thanks for sharing! —Laceez Support
Was it easy to replace your old shoestrings with Laceez? They were bought for my 8 year old grandson. He had no problem replacing hos shoestrings with laceez. He loves them. His bugger brother is waiting for them to come out in his size.
—J. Triggs
Ordered on Dec 8th 2018
Great, glad to hear that an 8 y/o had no problem installing Laceez for himself. Yes, they are super easy! Thanks for sharing! —Laceez Support
I saw you featured on an episode of the Steve Harvey Show. I visited your website to place an order. You indicated that you do not have adult sizes, but I wanted them for myself. I decided to order the XL children's laceez and figured that if I needed a longer length, I would use 2 laces per shoe. That wasn't necessary. The XL works perfect in my work runners that allow me to put them on and off without constantly fussing with tying and untying shoe laces
—B. Duncan
Ordered on Dec 7th 2018
Wonderful, glad they worked out well for you! Thanks for sharing! —Laceez Support
My grandson could not keep his laces ties and I got so frustrated telling him to tie his shoes!!!! Now it's no problem. Love them.
—Grandma Wanda
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
Great to hear! Thanks for sending your feedback! —Laceez Support
I had a problem and called to report that my Laceez's did not arrive yet. They said if I have not received the order to call back. I emailed and ask them to reship my order FAST. I received it like in two day! My grandson is in LOVE with the laceez and no more hearing "tie your shoes"! Now his Dad wants some because he has a disease that prevents him from making a fist--thus he cannot tie his shoes. Our whole family is in LOVE w/ these laces!!! When will adults come out? I need them for my son-in-law. Thanks!!
—NaNa Morris
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
Thank you Nora for your great feedback. We are very glad they made it you and that you love them. We are working hard to get adult sizes launched by early 2016 and hope to get you some as soon as they are available! —Laceez Support
I bought the Laceez's for my grandson because he does not like his shoes to be tied. They work great for him. His laces were changed as soon as I received them.I am hoping the adult sizes are available soon.
—tigerfitter was pleased
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
Wonderful to hear! Thank you for letting us know, great review for our no tie shoelaces. Adult sizes are coming! We're on it :) —Laceez Support
They are the perfect for my 3 year old!
—A. Wise
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
We're glad to hear! Thanks for letting us know! —Laceez Support
A little expensive when you include shipping or I would have bought 5-6 sets. Do you think you'll ever make them for adults?
—L. Smolek
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
Now shipping is FREE when you buy 3 or more! Thanks for the feedback! Yes, adult sizes are on the way. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified. —Laceez Support
So far so good! I bought them for my 11 year old son who refuses to keep his shoes tied. He loves them and I don't have to ask him to tie his shoes anymore. Win! Win!
—Happy Mom!
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
This is great news for everyone! Thanks for sharing! —Laceez Support
Need more sizes for older kids and adults
—Susan D
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
Adult sizes are on their way! Thanks for your feedback! —Laceez Support
Good place nice products
Ordered on Dec 6th 2018
Great, thanks for the great review! —Laceez Support
I love Laceez. They are perfect for my kids shoes and they give them a bit of independence.
Ordered on Nov 27th 2018
Great to hear, thanks for sharing! —Laceez Support
My son no longer complaines about putting on his shoes since i replaced his old shoe laces with Laceez!
—Lauren Herrera
Ordered on Nov 22nd 2018
Lauren, we are happy to hear! Thanks for the review! —Laceez Support
LOVE Laceez! So much easier for my son to just slip his shoes on and go without worrying about retying them throughout the day. The best part of them is that they look like regular shoe laces.
Ordered on Nov 11th 2018
Thanks for the great review on our no tie shoelaces for kids! We are very happy to hear that you LOVE Laceez! —Laceez Support
Love them, I orderer in two colors for my son I was always tiding his laces, laceez works perfect. I would like crazy designs.
—Carolina j
Ordered on Nov 9th 2018
Carolina, we are thrilled to receive your feedback and to let you know more exciting colors are on their way! Thanks! —Laceez Support
Our 4 year old has a tendency to play with his shoe laces, so his shoes are constantly untied. Laceez have eliminated this problem for us. We love them and will continue to buy them as his foot grows.
—J. Newman
Ordered on Nov 8th 2018
J. Newman, we are thrilled to hear your feedback! Glad Laceez are working great for you! Thanks! —Laceez Support
I bought some shoes for our son that tied, but they were such a hassle, we thought he'd never wear them. Then I saw your add in Parent's magazine and ordered some. We love our laceez and now he wears the shoes all the time. Thank you for creating a great product,
—H. Walter
Ordered on Nov 7th 2018
Glad you found us in Parent's Magazine; it was a great article because a lot of people, like you, finally found us! Thanks for your feedback! —Laceez Support
Delivery was pretty delayed but after contacting Laceez, you were very quick to address my concerns and shipped out a new order. Great customer service and a fantastic product!
—K. Essler
Ordered on Nov 7th 2018
We're sorry for the delayed delivery but thrilled that we were able to get everything sorted out for you quickly. Thanks for your feedback! —Laceez Support
Being pregnant with my 4th child and almost due was becoming a hassle trying to keep my kids shoe laces tied. Your Laceez made it easier for me and for my kids. They now put their shoes on like slip on and I never have to worry about tying their shoe laces. Thank you. Definitely buying more.
—Aly Nguyen
Ordered on Nov 4th 2018
Congratulations Aly! Thanks for your feedback! We are really happy to hear Laceez are helping make things easier. —Laceez Support
I absolutely love my Laceez! They are practical & convenient - I don't have to worry about my shoelaces becoming undone. And let's not forget how stylish they are. I recommend Laceez to everyone!!
—B. Meza
Ordered on Nov 4th 2018
Wow! Thanks for the stellar review! We love our Laceez too! —Laceez Support
We were really excited to try Laceez, even my six year son was excited & couldn't wait to get them on his shoes. After a full active day in school it was nice to know that his shoe laces where still tied up. I know longer had to worry if he was going to trip on his untied laces while in the process of learning to tie his shoes. He can just slip his shoes on & off all by himself.
—S Yem
Ordered on Nov 1st 2018
Wonderful news! Glad you are enjoying your Laceez! Thanks for the feedback! —Laceez Support
Fantastic, thank you!
—J Mansker
Ordered on Oct 25th 2018
And so are you! Great review! Thank you J Mansker! —Laceez Support
I finally bought lace shoes for my son since he knew how to tie. What I found out is the material for laces is slick and therefore you have to know all the secrets to a tightly tied shoelace. I didn't have time in the am to get his shoes tied everyday so we are so thankful for are laceez! (A little expensive, but definitely worth the ease of the am push to get out the door.)
—Isaac's Mom
Ordered on Oct 23rd 2018
Hi, Isaac's Mom. Yes, slick regular shoelaces can be tricky to keep tied. Glad you have found the value in Laceez. Welcome. And thank you for the great feedback! —Laceez Support
Great product! Not sure why the necessity for a lengthy comment. I think I said it all
—M Snyder
Ordered on Oct 23rd 2018
Hee hee. Yes, there is a minimum of 15 characters for feedback. It's just that we really, really want to hear from you! Thanks for taking a moment to share the great feedback! —Laceez Support
My son loves it so much! No more double knots for him! Thanks Laceez~
Ordered on Oct 19th 2018
We are so happy to hear your son loves Laceez! Thanks for letting us know! —Laceez Support
Life saver! Works great on my 3 yo nike air... a must have :-)
Ordered on Oct 14th 2018
Wonderful to hear! Thanks for sharing your review! —Laceez Support
I think the Laceez are great. The only downfall is that I ordered XS, due to the comments about them running a little bigger. I should have ordered S. Other than that, they are great.
—Vanessa R.
Ordered on Oct 12th 2018
We are more than happy to exchange for you, we want your Laceez to fit perfectly. Thanks for your feedback! —Laceez Support
They work great!
—S. Stewart
Ordered on Oct 10th 2018
Great! Thanks for the feedback! —Laceez Support
Great product! I wanted to make it quick and easy for my kids to switch from their boots into their tennis shoes at school. I am very happy with Laceez!
Ordered on Oct 9th 2018
We are very happy to hear! Thanks for posting your review! —Laceez Support
Wow, finally a shoelace that makes a shoe easy to slip on and looks great!
Ordered on Sep 29th 2018
Thanks for your feedback! Glad you love 'em! —Laceez Support
Best idea ever! I need them for myself now! So happy I found ya'll.
Ordered on Sep 27th 2018
@littlerosephoto glad you found us too! We will have adult sizes available near the end of the year. Follow @mylaceez or sign-up for our newsletter to keep in touch. Thanks! —Laceez Support
I have already recommended them to a couple of friends. I wish they came in adult sizes!
Ordered on Sep 25th 2018
Thanks for your recommendations and your feedback! Adult sizes will launch around the end of this year. Follow us @mylaceez to keep in touch. Thanks! —Laceez Support
Love them my son loves his and so does my daughter
Ordered on Sep 22nd 2018
That's some true Laceez Love! Great! Thanks for the feedback! —Laceez Support
They seem to be working just great! My son is really enjoying sliding his shoes on and off without having to tie and untie his shoes everytime.
—J. Zapalac
Ordered on Sep 7th 2018
Thanks. Glad to hear! Don't tie, simplify! —Laceez Support
I have been pushing Laceez during my teams baseball games and every time a kid has to tie his shoes. Great product and way better than expected. Definitley will be promoting for you guys.
—Dominic M.
Ordered on Sep 1st 2018
Wonderful, tell the whole world, Laceez are here! Thanks! —Laceez Support
My 9 yr old loves them! Turns any shoe into a slip on. And I love them because it speeds up our morning routine!
—J. Masters
Ordered on Aug 21st 2018
Yes, Laceez save time. Great to hear. Thanks! —Laceez Support
When my son first started using them he was slipping out of his shoes when he walked. The problem didn't last though--maybe the laceez just needed to settle? Overall this is a great product, and I can't get over how good the price was and how fast they arrived. The color even coordinated perfectly with my son's shoes.
—Anna from Wisconsin
Ordered on Aug 11th 2018
Hi Anna, Thank you for that feedback and we hope you're still loving your Laceez! Here's a tip to get a tighter fit. If you'd like to exchange for a smaller size, just let us know, we'd be happy to. —Laceez Support
Even worked in athletic shoes. These are pure genius!!
—s. Burns
Ordered on Jul 18th 2018
Yep! Thanks for your feedback! —Laceez Support

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