Laceez Men's No Tie Laces, 2-Pack (White Laces X Black Laces)

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Replace the Lace

Laceez solve the everyday headache of tying and untying shoes. No more forcing your foot in the shoe, dealing with knots or bows.  Turn sneakers into slip-ons and eliminate the need for tying & untying forever. Laceez come in 5 different sizes for men so you get can the perfect fit.

How they work. Once you select your size lace, lace up the shoe through each hole as an ordinary shoelace, and fasten the 2 Laceez end tips (aglets) at the last left and right shoelace holes, securing the lace and allowing ‘slip-on’ functionality. It's even easier than it sounds!

  • 2 pairs of laces
  • Make your shoes look better
  • Transform your shoes and sneakers into “slip-on shoes"
  • Available by the size in black or white
  • No knots, no bows, no cutting

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