Shoelace Designs

Shoelace designs and your shoes are literally the foundation of any fashion statement.

Your shoes and shoelace design will be the last thing people see, and thus the most memorable.

Fashion is king, everyone is looking. You’ve got to check your complete style composition, from head to toe. But your shoes come first!

Shoe First Fashion Types of Shoelaces

Shoes can be just an afterthought for those not so versed in making bold fashion statements, but making your shoe choice at the last minute can throw off all the planing that went into the rest of your outfit.

Ever Notice the Head-to-Toe Glance?

I know you’ve noticed how people check each other out. You’ve seen the split second glance when one person looks another up and down. That eye movement that goes first from the head and moves down to feet, and it is at the feet where the final opinion is made. The shoes make the final statement.

“The Glance” Ends with your Shoes

They may not like your hat so much. They may have a different taste for eyewear. They may think your top is too tight or too loose or that the color is too bright or too dark. So far their evaluation of your outfit may be only average. They’re not impressed yet, but all is not lost. The shoes are still to come, and your shoe design will have the final say.

Start With A Strong Foundation

Dont Wait Until Last Choose Shoes FirstShoes should be the first item that you choose. Take the most time picking out what shoes you will wear, and work up from there. Choose a shoe style that will knock their socks off and demand that their evaluation of your outfit is top ranking. Because fashion is king, everyone is looking. Check your complete style composition, from head to toe, and start from the toes and work upwards.

Shoelaces Tops Any Shoes

If you go with sneakers or any type of shoes with shoelaces, like Vans, Converse, low-top Nikes or Adidas, the first thing you’re going to need to do is clean up those dangling shoelaces. They’re hiddeous and sure to gather the dissaproval of all onlookers. You may have a tight outfit, cap, shirt, pants, and shoes, everything combining great, but then boom! The shoelaces blew everything up.

Types of Shoelace Designs

You’ve got to go no-tie. No tie shoelaces are the trending fashion. They clean up the appearance of any shoes by eliminating those dangling rabbit-ear laces. There are many types of shoelace designs, so choose wisely. Whaever you do, don’t go with the rubbery or bubbly looking shoelace bands; these are so not cool shoelace designs, not cool at all. Those types look childish and gimmicky. Your custom shoelaces should not overpower and take away from the look of your shoes.

Go With a Clean Look

Shoelace Designs Black Shoes UntiedYou want custom shoelaces that don’t look custom. You want your laces to blend in with your shoes to not distract from the intention you put into your shoe choice. The elastic no tie laces that look like traditional shoelaces are the best option to achieve the clean look. Laceez™ brand elastic no tie shoelaces are an excellent choice because they are the best for making a positive fashion statement. A pair of Laceez™ that blend-in with your shoe choice will help ensure that your final statement is a powerful one. And since Laceez™ turn your shoes into slip-ons that don’t need to be tied, you will be confident that your shoes always stay laced-up nice and clean.

From bungee to curly, round laces to flat laces, colorful laces and plain black or white laces, shoelaces keep our shoes on our feet and all of them have no-tie counterparts, which each have unique mechanisms and unique styles of their own. No-tie shoelaces are becoming more popular than ever as people discover their tidiness, practicality, comfort, and style … saving time and helping you to look good at the same time.

Locking Shoelace Designs

bungee locking type shoelace replacementLocking laces are not only a lace, they are comprised of a few plastic parts, a plastic piece with a metal spring is needed to synch-down and secure the lace; and another piece of plastic is used keep the synch from going to far out and falling off the laces, this part could be substituted with a simple knot. Locking laces offer one of the most secure no-tie options for running and athletic wear but you have to to tighten and loosen the locking plastic piece each time you put-on/remove your shoes, so although faster than tying, they are not totally hands-free. Some motor skills are required. And, you still have that unsightly dangling excess lace and plastic stopper piece hanging in front of your shoe; this dangling excess after the lace is ‘locked’ has to be tucked into the shoe, under the laces. This ads an extra cumbersome step, and many would probably say the design is not totally clean, leaving a somewhat ugly finish.

Rubbery Bands Designs

rubber band type shoelace replacementsThis category is not really a shoelace at all, it’s a completely different approach to creating a slip-on shoe. Instead of feeding a lace through the shoe holes, these plastic/synthetic/rubber bands clip into each hole and span across horizontally to the adjacent hole. Each set of holes has its own band to span across the tongue of the shoe. The advantage over locking laces is that they create a true slip-on shoe, you don’t need to mess with them each time you put-on/remove your shoes. On the downside the bulky rubber bands with their clips look nothing like traditional shoelaces and instead is a lacing system that looks somewhat dorky. These types of laces are not the best for making a strong fashion statement, they look gimmicky or like a kids’ toy. Also some of these rubber clips aren’t made too strong and can loosen-up over time.

Cut and Clip Shoelace Designs

plastic clip type no tie shoelacesThese types are no tie elastic shoelaces that lace-up like traditional shoelaces and then clip inside the last two eyelets. This seems to be one of the better approaches to converting any shoe into a slip-on. A clipping elastic lace gives the appearance of traditional shoelaces yet there are no excess ends to tie nor are those ends left dangling around, dancing like old spaghetti noodles stuck to your shoes. The one downside to clips is that there is some do-it-yourself work required to get them installed; you’ll have to measure them on your shoes, attach the clip inside the shoe, and then cut off the excess lace. Be sure you don’t cut these too small or you’ll be stuck with shoes that are too tight. It’s better to leave some excess lace at first and trim down later after some use if a tighter fit is still needed.

Laceez™ Top No Tie Shoelaces

converse all stars with no tie shoelaces

Unlike all other no-tie shoelaces on the market, Laceez™ no tie shoelaces come in pre-measured sizes to provide the best fit for your shoe size. Just lace ’em and go. Laceez™ are the ultimate hands-free laces, you never need to touch your laces again, no adjustments needed. Laceez have a stylish T-type clip which will lock either inside or outside your shoe, your choice!

Laceez are the best option because the sizing system has been tested, we’ve done the work for you, and which makes more sense than having to fiddle with do-it-yourself adjustments. With apparel, a one size fits all is never the best way to go. If you find that you ordered the wrong size, no worries! We’ll send you a different pair.

Laceez offer the most benefits:

  • Custom woven elastic and simple design provides the exact same look you would have with regular shoelaces
  • The Laceez 6 month guarantee! Only Laceez offers a 6 month manufacturer guarantee. Rest assure you’re getting top quality.
  • No assembly, cutting, or construction required: Just lace ’em and go.
  • Once installed, you never need to fiddle with your laces again.
  • Laceez come in sizes and a variety of colors for Men, Women and Kids

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