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Biggest Value. Laceez are every day miracles for your feet. Turn your sneakers into slip-ons, all while making them look and feel better!

Laceez are made from a premium blend of hi-stretch nylon and polyester. Simply lace through each hole (eyelet) just like an ordinary shoelace, then fasten at the top-left and top-right holes, securing the laces. Shoes slip-on easily and stay on securely for the best in functionality, quality and ease.

Bonus: The shoes look much better, too!

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Our elastic no tie shoelaces lace through each hole just like an ordinary shoelace, but they fasten at the top-left and top-right holes, securing the laces in place. Shoes slip-on easily and stay on securely for the best combined functionality of slip-ons and tied shoes.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 3.25 × 7.5 × 2.25 in


  1. Linda RB (verified owner)

    My grandson has no manuel dexterity and we have tried all kinds of things because he cannot tie his shoes. When the laceez came in I was at work and he sent me a photo of his shoes with the new laceez in. He was so proud of himself and so was I. My grandson has managed to replace the laces in most of his shoes with laceez and they have been a great success. They keep his bowling shoes on with out any type of slipping, his school shoes stay on with no problem whether he is sitting in class or at recess running around. He always looks neat and no more grandma will you fix my shoes. They are great

  2. ilaria (verified owner)

    my daughter loves them. She is in Kindergarten and learning how to work the tie shoes but the teachers doesn’t have time to stop and tie shoes so I got the leceez for her this is her second pair and I have to say they work well even in the high tops shoes. Very happy, looking forward to get a pair for me since I have back problems and can’t bent for tie my shoes anymore.

  3. A.Geddes (verified owner)

    Work great, love that they look like real laces!

  4. Lindsey J (verified owner)

    Love them! My boys can easily slip their shoes on and off with no problem. Will be ordering more!

  5. T.Wuth (verified owner)

    After trying other lace alternatives, Laceez was the clear winner for replacing tie laces for my 5 year old! He of course wants to be self sufficient but just isn’t ready to tie his shoes alone. This gives him the freedom of the slip on and keeps the shoes on his feet. Couldn’t be happier.

  6. Kate O (verified owner)

    Best purchase!!! Every parent in the 1st grade was asking where I got them!!! Ordering more!!!

  7. Ricardo Escobar (verified owner)

    In my case, ordering the laceez by shoe size would have not given me the correct laces, since same size shoes vary in width and the amount of eyelets. I had to measure the lenght of the laces I needed and then ask the customer service guy to give me what size I needed to order given the lenghts I required.
    If you could put the lenght of the laceez as part of the size information, that would be very useful if you want your laces to fit exactly on your shoes.

  8. Marissa B. (verified owner)

    We love Laceez! Not only do they save my daughters teachers from tying her shoes all day, but the colors are so cute that they make the shoes look even more stylish!

  9. S.Stewart (verified owner)

    I love them! My kids can put their shoes on by themselves – that really frees me up when we are headed out the door in a hurry.

  10. L. Villanueva (verified owner)

    Size I ordered were a little bit small for my son’s converse shoes. I had to adjust the laces a few time to get them right. But they’re a really great product. I will be purchasing again.

  11. Lisa G. (verified owner)

    These are amazing! I use them on my son’s school shoes. His teacher approached me that she was having a problem with him playing with his shoe laces since he always had velcro shoes before. Laceezs kept him focused on learning in the classroom and safe at gym and on the playground.

  12. Gac (verified owner)

    My kids love these. These are for all ages of kids. Make all kinds of sneakers slip-on not
    just baby looking ones. Perfect solution. Thank you!

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