Kid’s 4-Pack: 2 White, 2 Black


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Our elastic no tie shoelaces lace through each hole just like an ordinary shoelace, but they fasten at the top-left and top-right holes, securing the laces in place. Shoes slip-on easily and stay on securely for the best combined functionality of slip-ons and tied shoes.

Additional information

Weight 56.8 g
Dimensions 3.25 × 5 × 2.25 in


  1. Gary M (verified owner)

    My wife and I are very happy with the product.

  2. Mrs. T from the North (verified owner)

    My son and husband love them. Still waiting on my pair and I know i’ll love them too.

  3. T.Vilches (verified owner)

    Great product. Takes the hassle out of getting my toddler dressed

  4. Aly Nguyen (verified owner)

    I buy these for my kids all the time. Easy to use and my kids don’t struggle with untied shoe laces all the time now. And I’m glad they have them for adults now.

  5. Mom of Two (verified owner)

    Perfect for my 4 year old! Also ordered a set for my husband 😉

  6. Mrs.Marshall (verified owner)

    I have a 9 year old with autism and these laces are wonderful for him.I ordered a pair for me too and I love them!!

  7. Jarvis (verified owner)

    Perfect for kids!

  8. Heather D (verified owner)

    It is great for a 2 year olds shoes! I only wish they went into a smaller size as they are a bit loose, but they are perfect! I will be buying more in the future!

  9. M. Squelch (verified owner)

    Now you have to let me know when you get the adult sizes in stock!! My Mom is an amputee and she uses elastic laces that she has to tie…and a pair of Laceez would make life so much better! I have also had many of my daycare parent asking about Laceez for their kids! These are so much better that the curly elastic laces.

  10. Mel Smith (verified owner)

    I bought the laceez for my twin sons for their school shoes. They aren’t quiet ready to tie shoe laces so these elastic shoelaces are so easy to use. They make your child’s shoes like slip ons. Very easy to use and so convient. I would recommend these to anyone.

  11. Russell (verified owner)

    Love Laceez for my special needs daughter. She has gained independence now that she can put on her own shoes.

  12. j. velazquez (verified owner)

    your shoe laces really help my daughter and i. they save a lot of time needed when putting on her leg braces. i would have never heard of your laces if not for the steve harvey show. thanks, gina

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