Kid’s 5-Pack: 2 White, 3 Black


Get the most value with the Laceez Kids 5-Pack!

Our elastic no tie shoelaces are made from a blend of nylon and polyester. Simply lace through each hole (eyelet) just like an ordinary shoelace, then fasten at the top-left and top-right holes, securing the laces. Shoes slip-on easily and stay on securely for the best in functionality, quality and ease.

Bonus: The shoes look much better, too!

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Our elastic no tie shoelaces lace through each hole just like an ordinary shoelace, but they fasten at the top-left and top-right holes, securing the laces in place. Shoes slip-on easily and stay on securely for the best combined functionality of slip-ons and tied shoes.

Additional information

Weight 71 g
Dimensions 3.25 × 6.25 × 2.25 in


  1. M. Delashaw (verified owner)

    My three year olds tennis shoes would always come untied, even from a double knot, and he would trip at school. It was also difficult to put his shoes on because I could never loosen them enough to make slipping them on easy. His favorite pair were the worst and I dreaded putting them on him. The Laceez have change my life. His shoe slip right on! They never fall off and there are no laces to tie or untie. They are the best and I have already told all my friend about them. I plan on buying these forever for all my kids.

  2. K. Eberts (verified owner)

    Awesome! The perfect solution for my toddler’s lace-up shoes! Her daycare especially appreciates them, for convenience and safety.

  3. Triplej (verified owner)

    My family loves it! Will be order more soon.

  4. V.Webb (verified owner)

    Do not know how I existed without Laceez!

  5. Jo C. (verified owner)

    Awesome!!! My 4 year old loves being about to put on his own shoes.

  6. C Howk (verified owner)

    I bought Laceez for my 2nd grade son, in order to prevent his teachers from having to constantly re-tie his shoes for him. They work superbly! They’re stretchy enough that he slips his shoes on with ease (and doesn’t smash the back ends down like he previously did with his velcro shoes!), but not so stretchy that they’re slipping off his feet. I would definitely buy them again, and if I had a pair of casual laced shoes, I’d even get them for myself!

  7. LDM (verified owner)

    Great product. I wish I would have learned of you sooner. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks so much. And your customer service is awesome! I have been sharing my experience with family, friends, and co-workers.

  8. C Davies (verified owner)

    I was so surprised to see a big box from you guys instead of a bubble mailer I had only ordered 4 pairs but due to a recent flaw with a past order you had included two extras. I am thrilled because they happen to be the perfect sizes for all 3 of my kids. So easy for my autistic son that likes his shoes to be taken off a million times in one outing. Thank you!

  9. Cindy C. (verified owner)

    Awesome alternative to kids tying shoes!

  10. Jamie T. (verified owner)

    I already blogged about them because I love them so much. I love not having to tell my son to tie his shoes every 15 minutes!

  11. A.Grod (verified owner)

    I had a pair of shoes for my toddler where the laces were too long and constantly come undone. Enter Laceez, and now we just slip them on and off with no issues. They are exactly what we needed and will definitely be recommending them to friends!

  12. LAmom (verified owner)

    These were the perfect solution to keeping my daughter’s sneakers on her feet while she is still mastering how to tie her shoelaces. We bought the pink laces and they were the perfect color match to the regular laces we replaced. Now we don’t need to worry about her tripping over her laces when playing sports or just running around.

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