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Aqua Blue Laces Design / Top No Tie Laces for Kids!

aqua blue laces black nike kids skateboardWith a beautiful aqua blue design, these elastic laces for Kid’s shoes lock in place, turning any shoe into a slip-on. Shoes slip-on and stay-on! Our clean, simple shoelace design makes your shoes more fashionable: no more dangling shoe laces!

No more hassle with keeping shoes tied, no more rabbit ear laces getting stepped on and getting dirty. Laceez No Tie Laces stay off the ground, stay “tied”, and make it easy to put your shoes on and take your shoes off.

Our specially crafted elastic shoelaces keep shoes snuggly fit, providing a comfortable and secure wear. Our shoe laces provide the best of all angles: ease of use, fashion, and functionality.

black vans aqua blue elastic shoe lace laceezThese blue laces install like traditional shoelaces, however you will never need to tie them. Laceez fasten into the top shoelace holes without any excess lace to tie. Once secured, the elastic stretches to create ‘slip-on’ functionality for your happy feet. For more info, see How Laceez No Tie Shoe Laces Work

Don’t Tie! Simplify!

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Dimensions3.25 x 1.5 x .75 in


  1. s. Burns (verified owner)

    Even worked in athletic shoes. These are pure genius!!

  2. S. Stewart (verified owner)

    They work great!

  3. Isaac’s Mom (verified owner)

    I finally bought lace shoes for my son since he knew how to tie. What I found out is the material for laces is slick and therefore you have to know all the secrets to a tightly tied shoelace. I didn’t have time in the am to get his shoes tied everyday so we are so thankful for are laceez! (A little expensive, but definitely worth the ease of the am push to get out the door.)

  4. J DiCo (verified owner)

    Adult sizes please!

  5. J.Weninger (verified owner)

    The Laceez do their job and that is why I purchased them. However, I bought size 11 for my son as that was the shoe we purchased for him and they seem a little tight. I also wasn’t quite sure if there was a particular way to put them on so instructions would be great! Overall, I am glad I purchased them and will do so in the future! The work as they are supposed to and look great as well! Thanks for an awesome product!

  6. L. Smolek (verified owner)

    A little expensive when you include shipping or I would have bought 5-6 sets. Do you think you’ll ever make them for adults?

  7. MAC (verified owner)

    good place nice products

  8. S. Robinette (verified owner)

    2nd time to order and plan to order more!

  9. J. Purinton (verified owner)

    My kids love Laceez and feel more confident wearing tennis shoes to school without the worry of their laces coming untied.

  10. TST (verified owner)

    Customer support was great. My order was stuck, but customer support fixed it and they also added a couple of extra pairs as a good will gesture.

  11. SEDC (verified owner)

    Are your Laceez performing as expected?
    I love our Laceez – you should pay me to be your spokesperson! I’ve convinced several friends – and some strangers – to buy them. 🙂 My only frustration is that the large child size is actually pretty small/short. I had to buy women’s small to make them work for my son’s sneakers – boys size 4/5. So you need a little better sizing guide and/or a kids’ XL to deal with that. Because the women’s Laceez only come in 2 colors and my son was kind of bummed about that.

  12. Andrea L. (verified owner)

    As a boy mom, Laceez makes my life easier! My four year old cannot tie his shoes yet so Laceez helps on that point. Also he has wide and thick feet so Laceez allows his foot to easily slip in his shoes. I’m a fan for life.

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