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Rose Pink Elastic Laces Design / No Tie Laces for Kids!

magical forest adventure walk pink shoe laces with vans and laceezWith a sleek design, these vibrant pink elastic laces for Kid’s shoes lock in place, turning any shoe into a convenient slip-on. Shoes slip-on and stay-on! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Furthermore, our clean, simple shoelace design makes your shoes sleek and more fashionable: no more dangling shoe laces!

Are you done hassling with untied shoelaces yet? Tired of kids stepping all over those double-knotted, rabbit-eared shoestrings? Ready to say good-bye to those dingy, chewed-up shoestrings. Laceez never come close to touching the ground, they stay “tied”, fastened all day, all while making it easy to slip shoes on and off. You’ll be amazed how convenient Laceez are!

Our uniquely crafted elastic shoelaces keep your shoes snuggly fit, providing a comfortable and secure wear. Most important of all, our product is far superior than traditional shoestrings, than any other shoe fasteners, and provides the best of all benefits: ease of use, sleek fashion, and optimal functionality.

pink laces over mutlicolor mosaic kids shoes laceezThese pink laces install similarly to traditional shoestrings, however, once laced-up, you will never need to tie again! Laceez fasten into the top shoelace holes without leaving any excess lace to tie. Once secured, the elastic stretches to create easy ‘slip-on’ functionality. Your kid’s feet and fingers will be overjoyed! And with all the time and hassle saved, so will you!

The no tie trend is sweeping over the shoe world. Try Laceez today, your satisfaction is guaranteed, our laces come with a 6 month money back guarantee. Want to learn more, see How Laceez No Tie Shoe Laces Work

Don’t Tie! Simplify!

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Dimensions3.25 x 1.25 x .75 in

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