Men’s 2-Pack: White, Black


Laceez are elastic laces that go through the shoelace holes and secure at the two top holes, creating a slip-on shoe without the bows and knots.


Lace up the shoe through each hole as an ordinary shoelace, only fasten the 2 end tips at the last (left and right) shoelace holes, securing the lace and allowing ‘slip-on’ functionality.

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Weight 28.2 g
Dimensions 3.25 × 1.25 × 1.5 in
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M1 | US 5-6.5, M2 | US 7-8.5, M3 | US 9-10.5, M4 | US 11-12.5, M5 | US 13-14.5


  1. Chris S. (verified owner)

    I bought my first pair of Laceez for my grandson. They eliminated the problem of his laces coming undone. I was so impressed that I ordered a pair for myself and 2 for my son. My son was looking to eliminate long loops after his sneakers were tied, and Laceez did the trick. I had previously purchased a set of lace alternatives for my sneakers that were made of rubber loops that hooked together. Unfortunately the ankle piece frequently unhooked. I don’t have that problem with my Laceez.

  2. Sandy be S. (verified owner)

    I’m using them in my Chuck Taylor high tops and it’s fantastic

  3. Linda RB (verified owner)

    My grandson has no manuel dexterity and we have tried all kinds of things because he cannot tie his shoes. When the laceez came in I was at work and he sent me a photo of his shoes with the new laceez in. He was so proud of himself and so was I. My grandson has managed to replace the laces in most of his shoes with laceez and they have been a great success. They keep his bowling shoes on with out any type of slipping, his school shoes stay on with no problem whether he is sitting in class or at recess running around. He always looks neat and no more grandma will you fix my shoes. They are great

  4. L. Hightower (verified owner)

    I have tried Hickies and SnapLaces and LACEEZ beats them both in style and comfort. Laceez looks real and I like how easy they are to use and how comfortable they are to wear. I’ll be buying more for my other pair of shoes and am getting rid of my Hickies and SnapLaces.

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