Women’s Laceez™


Laceez are elastic laces that go through the shoelace holes and secure at the two top holes, creating a slip-on shoe without the bows and knots.


Lace up the shoe through each hole as an ordinary shoelace, only fasten the 2 end tips at the last (left and right) shoelace holes, securing the lace and allowing ‘slip-on’ functionality.

Additional information

Weight14.2 g
Dimensions3.25 × 1.25 × .75 in
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White, Black

Choose Size:

W1 | US 5-6.5, W2 | US 7-8.5, W3 | US 9-10.5, W4 | US 11-12.5


  1. T.Wuth (verified owner)

    After trying other lace alternatives, Laceez was the clear winner for replacing tie laces for my 5 year old! He of course wants to be self sufficient but just isn’t ready to tie his shoes alone. This gives him the freedom of the slip on and keeps the shoes on his feet. Couldn’t be happier.

  2. V.Webb (verified owner)

    Do not know how I existed without Laceez!

  3. Aly Nguyen (verified owner)

    I buy these for my kids all the time. Easy to use and my kids don’t struggle with untied shoe laces all the time now. And I’m glad they have them for adults now.

  4. K Clarke (verified owner)

    The best way to (k)not tie your shoelaces!

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