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If you haven't heard our story yet ... it's a good one, and quick!
A few years ago my wife Sarah and I struggled with our daughter Savannah's untied shoes. Savannah had difficulties with fine motor skills due to autism.

Finally, Sarah had a bright idea that would change our lives forever! She took a piece of narrow elastic and replaced Savannah's shoestrings with it, cleverly knotting each end at the top holes—the first prototype for our very own No Tie Shoelaces!


Laceez™ No Tie Shoelaces are ...

how laceez work replace old shoelaces

EASY AS 1,2,3...

  1. Remove old shoelaces.
  2. Replace our laces with special aglet tips that insert into the top holes and naturally lock-in-place.
  3. Turn any shoes slip-ons!
shoelaces that add style


Laceez™ look like classic shoelaces but use a strong, durable, and stretchy nylon/spandex blend.


Why worry about untied shoes? We created a time-saving solution for our busy lives.


We got you covered! All Laceez™ sold on our website come with a 6-month money-back guarantee.
laceez made by moms steve harvey show


Laceez™ inventor Sarah on the Steve Harvey, Mother's Day episode. Also featured in back-to-school NBC and ABC TV news features.
custom fit shoelaces for all sizes


From toddlers to teens, parents, seniors and all, Laceez™ have a custom-fit size for everyone.
laceez give back to autism charitable organizations


From now until World Autism Awareness Day 2018, 3% of online sales will be donated to autism awareness organizations.


From our family to yours. From baby sizes to daddy sizes, families love Laceez!

“Laceez found a need and filled it with a spectacular product. Parents should definitely give Laceez a shot.”


“They are Awesome! Her high-tops are now slip on shoes. She absolutely loves the new laces. So much easier for her.”


Kid's Laceez™

Available from US toddler size 8 to US kid size 4.5

Kid's Classic White
Kid's Sunshine Yellow
Kid's Hulkish Green
Kid's Aqua Blue
Kid's Candy Apple Red
Kid's Rose Pink
Kid's True Purple
Kid's Classic Black

Adult Laceez™

Available from US women's size 5 to US men's size 14.5

Women's White
Women's Black
Men's White
Men's Black

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