5 Ways to Slash Costs: Back To School Shopping

Smart Shoppers Enter Here: 5 smart ways to slash back to school costs, blog post at Laceez

It’s back to school time. A whirlwind of day trips, sand castles and ice cream may mean that school is a distant memory for the little people in your life. Grown-ups, on the other hand, understand that the last few weeks of the holidays will pass all too quickly and it will soon be time to wave the kids off at the school gate (lumps in throat optional).

According to the National Retail Federation, parents can expect to lay out upwards of $600 to ensure each child arrives at school looking smart and packing all they need. It’s eye watering stuff but should it cost so much? Probably not. Here are five tips to help slash the cost of back to school shopping. Continue reading “5 Ways to Slash Costs: Back To School Shopping”

Shoelace Video: Kids Try Colorful Elastic No-tie Shoelaces


Catherine and Catarina try their first pair of LACEEZ

This shoelace video is too cute! Best friends were given their first pair of Laceez No Tie laces and they were thrilled right away. They immediately knew what to do with their new Laceez: Mix and match the colors! Their shoes have new life with the vibrant colors and are a joy to slip on-and-off.

They had so much fun running around in their stylish shoes and had a lot to say. They agreed that regular shoelaces just go “blah, blah,” but Laceez shoelaces are elastic! and slip on-and-off “sooooo easy!” Their final word is that Laceez laces are “goood!” Their smiling faces say it all.

Stay tuned for more movies where kids will give their first-hand impression of Laceez. More videos will be released in the following weeks. We look forward to what they have to say, and what your kids have to say too!

Video produced by Laceez advocate Joe Golling, who’s kids—and kid’s friends—wear Laceez!
Music by Chris Zabriskie

History of the Nike Cortez

By: Sum Patten

The Nike Cortez is as much a part of Los Angeles history as the film industry, the Lakers and the Watts riots. With a little help from LA’s Soul Assassins, we’ll break down how Nike’s most street-savvy shoe made it from the boardroom to the hood to a classic collectible…

Cities and their shoes have always had a special relationship. The shoes the people wear tend to tell the tale of the city, especially in street and hip-hop culture. When you think of New York City you might imagine deep snow and Timberlands; you might remember when you used to ask why New York cats rock Tims in 90 degree weather… or on the beach. When you hear Atlanta, it may put you in the mind of Air Force Ones or all black Reeboks. You can hear the slow drawl and see the wife beaters of cats leaned on tricked out Cadillacs in all white Air Forces. But no shoe, perhaps, has ever been tattooed into a city’s history like the Nike Cortez has been into the lifeblood of the Los Angeles streets. It’s hard to think about L.A. without seeing Dickies…and it’s hard to see Dickies without seeing a pair of Cortez under the cuffs. Police chases, repping your set, NWA videos, hopping fences, gangster music…and Nike Cortez. That’s L.A. street life. But it might goes back further than the last Game video you saw… waaaay further. Let’s start somewhere in the middle though.

The Cortez reaches all the way back to 1968, before Nike was even Nike, Inc. Before Nike, Inc. was even a real shoe company that used terms like “Anti-wear plug” and “herringbone sole” to describe their products. 
It all started with an Olympic-class track coach. Designer and track coach Bill Bowerman originally intended for his new shoe, the “Corsair”, to be used for distance training. This is the same guy who brought the idea of jogging to America. He had no idea what kind of running people were going to do in that shoe…especially once the Corsair was reintroduced to the world and the L.A. streets as the “Cortez” in 1972 under the Nike brand, right when gang banging was taking flight in a major way. Nike itself described the shoe as having a “…thick, long wearing outer sole, full length sponge with a mid-sole cushion to absorb road shock and reduce leg fatigue.” Road shock and leg fatigue….indeed.
Almost 40 years after being called “the most comfortable shoe ever” by one of America’s leading marathoners, the one-of-a-kind sponge soled shoe that was the first to ever rock the famous Nike swoosh, is a collectors item and fashion statement. No longer restricted to being worn by gang bangers and hustlers on the corner, the Cortez is now getting customized by the likes of Mister Cartoon and getting sold on eBay for a pretty shiny penny. The tradition is rich, the history is deep and the shoe is respected. L.A.’s own Soul Assassins offered up some game on the history and impact of Los Angeles’ official shoe.

“The first Cortez that ever came out was some leather and they had red on em,” O.G. Lepke breaks it down. “Most of us in the Los Angeles area of the brown and Black races didn’t really rock tennis shoes until we knew we was goin’ somewhere we had to run from the police. We was wearin’ Stacy Adams, floorshines, French toes, and biscuits before that. Then the Chuck Taylor was first tennis shoe, but I always keep a set of Nike Cortez.”

We can safely figure that the Cortez was released nationwide, but for some reason Los Angeles really took the ball and ran with it. Soul Assassin family member Tony G. explains it pretty simply, “Cortez represents L.A.. everybody had em. They were big in LA because they were meant to be a running shoe but they fit really good with Dickie pants and Levis.”
Legendary tattoo/graffiti artist, Mister Cartoon weighs in on how it happened while inking a new client in his parlor at SA Studios in LA. “Cortez is something that came alive in the 80s but it was adopted here and in New York. OG cats were wearing em in NY, but it just stuck out here. NY moved on to Air Force Ones and dunks but it became a gang member shoe here. Cats used to triple tie the laces, or only wear blue to rep the Southside. They got real popular in the 90s.  If you seen someone wearing Cortez, you knew they were affiliated. If you wasn’t affiliated and wearing Cortez, you might as well be, because you will get confronted just wearing those shoes. If you team em up with the Dickies and the white tee, then you definitely affiliated.”


In a city where affiliation was often a matter of life and death, what you represented meant everything; and you represented through what you wore. In the entertainment capital of the world, appearance truly means everything. From the color of the shoe, to the color of the laces, during the 80s and 90s everything was significant. “The swoosh was different colors,” Lepke clarifies. “The first was red, then there was blue. Then they had the ones where it looked like a Swoosh with the dots, then you had the canvas ones. Then the blue ones got outlawed in the 80s when there was so much gang violence. Then the treaty happened…but the blue ones are back now because things have calmed down and Nike is gonna make their money. But over here the shoestrings and the color of the shoestrings still signify whether you a rider. See I rock the white Cortez with the black strings, so it’s like I’m neutral. I keep my game neutral. Now white people wear them when they play racquetball.”

Things definitely change over the years,… but of course some things don’t change at all. The laws still stand as firm now as they did 20 years ago with how to style…there are still certain rules to live by when rocking the Cortez properly in Los Angles.
Tony G. breaks it down a little bit further. “When the teeth are gone, you gotta get new ones. You can’t walk around in Cortez with the teeth gone.”

“Yeah,” his partner Sal adds. “They have to be bowed up, but not laced all the way… about halfway. [They gotta be] sticking out from under the jeans. The bows gotta be sticking out. If your jeans are too big, the homies around the way stick a thumbtack through the jeans so they aint goin over your shoe. The shoe must be very visible.”


With all that said, it makes perfect sense that Mister Cartoon would finally get a chance to put his stamp on some Nike. Being one of Los Angeles’ native sons, as well as a highly-respected visual artist and designer means that the planets were aligned for Cartoon to design a Cortez. He was born for it. Although he’s had a chance to stamp everything from phones and lowriders to video games, the Cortez had a particular significance to him. “I was able to design some Air Force Ones, but I wanted to do a shoe that we actually grew up wearing. When I design a shoe, it’s got meaning and purpose behind it.”

For those who don’t know, the Cartoon Cortez comes in three different flavors. The all black joints feature a gold Aztec symbol on the side and an Aztec temple on the ankle. “For the black ones, what you have to understand is that [Hernando] Cortez was a Spaniard that came over on ships to fight the Aztecs.”

Here’s a brief world history lesson for everyone that ever rocked a pair of Cortez… Hernan Cortes (that’s how you might see his name in the books) was a European conquistador who gathered up an army of Spaniards and Native Americans from Central America and the islands to march on a great Aztec city called Tenochtitlan. This city was in what we now call Mexico. The great and famous Aztec warrior-king Moctezuma II actually took Cortes in peacefully and lavished him with gifts of gold, but all that really did was tempt the Spaniards to jack the Aztecs for their gold. Sadly, Moctezuma became a prisoner in his own home while Cortes racked his empire.

“And that’s where Mexicans were born, from the combination of the Spaniards and the Aztecs. Our whole race sprouted from those wars.” And so did this bomb ass shoe, inspired by the rich history of Mexico.

“I took the stitching out the side and gave it a gum bottom, which is more the color of an Indian. The tongue of the Cortez is handball glove and net material, because the Aztec warriors used to play handball. Handball is a ghetto and hood sport, and also the number one sport in the prison system…next to boxing. Its one of the first Nikes to not have a swoosh on it.” Did you catch that? The man moved the Nike source of power out the way and replaced it with heritage…..talk about gangster.
“Then there’s a pyramid on the back. The black and gold is like the San Pedro pirates, my high school.” And there we have it, in a simple and very classy design… what seems like the entire history of the Mexican peoples, their origins and travels from home to the city of lost angles….and Cartoon’s high school colors.

The white shoe is a little less packed with history…but just a little bit. It features the “L.A.” logo embossed in blue, integrated with the swoosh. “When I did the blue and white ones, I took the stitches from the side, so it’s a smooth shoe. The tongue is leather instead of nylon, and the “L.A.” logo is connected with the [swoosh]. It’s a very rare that anything comes even close to the swoosh. This one is better to be crispy and clean, and the colors are close to the Dodger colors too.”

Oh, and the third Cartoon design? “Those are the sickest ones,” Cartoon smiles when they come up. “They only made one pair.”

Guess who got em?

So the history of the Nike Cortez comes full circle, from a concept in the mind of Bill Bowerman and gang banger central to an exclusive collector’s item. An old Cortez poster in SA Studios reads “ Like that funny little German automobile, we’re constantly making those hard to notice but important changes. Nike…the shoe for the seventies.”  With all the history the shoe shares with Lalaland, they Nike might consider rephrasing that statement with a few choice words. A suggestion might be, “Nike Cortez…the official shoe for streets of Los Angeles”.

-Sum Patten

Added note: Great review on a great book: Shoe Dog

CHEER them on with Laceez

Get your SQUAD Style on and show off your Team Spirit with Laceez no-tie slip-on shoe laces! Children’s sizes can sport one of eight colors (some enjoy matching to their mascot/uniform colors or stick with classic white for a clean look) and Adult sizes available in black or white.

Enjoy the convenience of transforming traditional sneakers into slip-on’s… Simply replace the original shoe laces with a pair of Laceez and you’re good to go! You’ll then have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pause mid routine for a shoe tie.

Focus on your winning cheer routine rather than adjusting old-school shoe laces and you’ll be more likely to BRING IT!

Once you start rockin’ your Laceez during practice, your teammates will be sure to take notice. Get your entire squad on board so that you can all focus on bringing your “A Game” without distractions.

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As we approach the Holiday Season, there may be a few people who are trying to get a head start on their fitness and are putting in extra hours at the gym (in hopes to be able to enjoy a festive turkey dinner)…

Next time you’re about to pack your gym bag, don’t forget to incorporate one of the most important accessories that’ll most of all add convenience to your routine. Include a pair of your favorite active shoes laced up with Laceez no-tie slip on laces to match your stylish workout wear. Laceez is a sure thing to help pass the time while you’re racking in the miles during some refreshing cardio (or whichever healthy activity helps you boost your heart rate while still having fun)!

Have peace of mind knowing your Laceez are secure during your exercise, preventing you from having to stop what your doing to bend down and tie old-school shoe lace strings. No need to stop in the middle of your Zumba routine to adjust your shoes anymore, you’ll be ahead of the class. Check out the wide variety of  colors we offer for both Children’s and Men’s/Women’s sizes; order your very own pair of Laceez today!

How to Turn Any Shoe Into a Slip-on

Today we’re going to show you a quick outline on how to turn any shoe into a slip on. Its a quick 3 steps to simplicity.

With Laceez no-tie shoelaces, you simply find your size that matches your shoe size and replace your old regular laces. The product is quite simple, and even more brilliant. A great option for kids, pregnant moms who don’t want to bend over, guys too lazy to tie and untie, women who like to jog with ease….you get the idea. Check out the illustration below and leave a comment, share with friends, or all the above.

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Laceez On The Court

Are you tired of having your basketball game interrupted by old-school untied shoe laces? Eliminate the hassle of having to take a time out to take a knee and fix your laces by trading out your traditional laces for Laceez.

Rock your team’s official colors, enjoy peace of mind, and gain confidence on the court knowing you won’t have to worry about anything except for your game performance. With Laceez you can get rid of your ugly, knotted laces and replace them with a comfy lace that converts your favorite sneakers to slip-ons.

Laceez are perfect for youth sport shoes in a variety of colors, as well as adult sizes for a variety of sports that require shoe laces, and that’s pretty much all shoes. Laceez are also often used for soccer, baseball and golf.

Pretty soon the rest of your team will take notice and want to boost their game as well by wearing Laceez.

Boost Your Workout Style with Laceez No-Tie Shoelaces

How is your workout style? Nowadays, workouts are a bit more exciting when you add a little style into the mix! Everything from hair accessories, dry fit pants, to our gym bag all have room to include your own personal style. Most of all, shoe style seems to be on top trend these days.

Add your own flair of style to your gym shoes with Laceez no tie shoe laces. You’ll feel confident walking into the gym knowing you won’t have to worry about bending down to tie your laces.

You’ll notice we chose to style this look by complimenting our laces to the featured water bottle, iPhone arm band, and bold shoe color combination. You can keep it simple with a single matching pair or you can even get adventurous and mix and match! Laceez will provide extra peace of mind, add personal style with the variety of colors you have to choose from, and will have others at the gym asking where to get a pair for themselves as well.

And to top it all off, Laceez make your sneakers look much better.

Available in both kids and adult sizes, your whole family will be able to exercise in style. Select from eight fun and vibrant colors to match a variety of your active shoes.

Amp Up Uniform Style With Laceez

So the kids are in school and you have your time back to ourself, right? But you’re still probably taking the time to tie shoes. And if you’re not, the teacher definitely are. Take your traditional school uniform and add a bit of your own flair and personality with Laceez.

You can choose to support your school by rocking your school colors or simply your favorite colors. Everyday uniforms can become routine and seem hard to personalize; adding Laceez to your wardrobe makes it all the more fun, all while saving time and stress on kids, parents and teachers.

Change up your style and mood by switching up your shades of Laceez…

Children’s sizes are available in 8 different colors (green, purple, pink, yellow, red, blue, black, and white) and are also available in sets of 3. Adult sizes are available in both black and white.

Gone will be the days that you had to worry about tripping in the hallways over shoe laces or having to tie your shoe laces by hand. Now, you’ll get to focus on schoolwork and all the fun in between!

We have a feeling that you’ll be setting trends and the rest of your class will be likely to join in on the Laceez fun. Be sure to check out our full line at Laceez.com

Simplify Mommy Life with Laceez No-Tie Laces

Whether you’re a Mommy to be or already have kids running around, daily schedules can get a bit hectic at times… Allow Laceez to help you simplify.

Some of you may be getting used to a growing baby bump. Lets be real, there comes a time when reaching down to tie your shoes gets to be a real struggle. Laceez will allow you to transform your traditional lace shoes into slip on’s!

Laceez are convenient, affordable, and provide peace of mind (preventing tripping over untied laces). Adult sizes are available in black and white.

Not only can parents wear Laceez, but they are perfect to have on hand for your kids as well! Laceez are available in children’s sizes as well in a wide variety of fun shades as well (black, white, blue, red, yellow, rose pink, purple, green). Order their favorite color, match their shoes, or even support their school colors).

Laceez are small enough to tuck into your purse, diaper bag, or backpack. Once you receive them, you’re going to be instantly excited to swap out your old laces and lace up your new shoes just right with Laceez instead!!

Your mommy friends will be asking you what makes your and your kids shoes so convenient and want to know where they can get Laceez in no time.

Be sure to take a look at our combo options for kids packs of three while supplies last.

Back to School Shopping with Laceez

It’s back to school time! Are you tired of having to stop what your doing to tie shoe laces for your little ones? Are you fed up with having to worry over your child’s safety with potential shoe lace hazards? Laceez is happy to lighten your parenting load while giving you peace of mind that your children’s shoes are secure while on the playground!

Start off the school year on the right foot by adding Laceez to your Back to School shopping list. They’re so affordable and guaranteed, it’s a no-brainer they’ll receive an A+ all year round!

Back to school with Laceez.com

Back to school style now days isn’t just about fitting in with the “cool kids”, its about function and personality! Your child’s school week wardrobe isn’t complete if we forget to address their feet… Keep them excited to move, play, focus, and grow! Laceez allows them to express their own individual creative style and gets them excited to be able to be more independent and grow all on their own.

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Back to school shopping.